Seen & Heard: Car Crashes into the Irish Hunger Memorial

••• 93 Worth begins its striptease with some signage and has a placeholder site; no pricing or floor plans yet, though.

••• Restaurant and bar Manhattan Proper opened at 6 Murray. The website is a placeholder but the menu is posted outside; wings, burger, truffle fries, mac and cheese, etc.. I’ll drop by soon for the full report….

••• “You asked about 257 Church Street,” emailed Judy Levine about the building where an IHOP could possibly be coming. “I am a treasure trove of information about that building because my father Solomon Levine bought the building in 1966 and lived on the second floor for 30 years. He sold out and moved to Florida in 1996. Originally the storefront was textiles. In 1979 the business left and a coffee shop moved in—I think “Donuts” was in the name. They were operational, and in fact as a bachelor he ate there almost every day, until close to when he left.” Have I said lately how much these kinds of reader submissions mean to me? (Same with the two below.) Thanks to everyone!

••• Speaking of which! This comment just came in from Heather: “FYI I asked some of the guys who are doing construction on the possible IHOP, and they said they were building either a T-Mobile or a Sprint Store. I prefer an IHOP.” It’s a tough call….

••• From a press release: “The Time Equities, Inc. Art-in-Buildings program is pleased to announce the opening of Mrugen Rathod’s Let US Face the Future at the Maiden Lane Exhibition Space [125 Maiden Lane]. Let US Face the Future is a site-specific sculptural installation constructed from scrap cardboard and wood that the artist describes as a ‘prototype of Manhattan, NY.'”

••• Thanks to the reader who sent in photos of the car that crashed into the Irish Hunger Memorial on Sunday. And here’s Diane Cimine’s report (which she posted on the Tribeca Citizen Facebook page, where all the cool kids hangout): “I was there and it was terrifying. The man driving the car was psychotic, tearing down River Terrace and nearly pinning a child against the wall. Amazing nothing worse happened.”



  1. Damn it. no IHOP? We moved to the suburbs, signed up for a $1 all inclusive kids menu at all the local restaurant chains (and there are a lot) and are sucking down 64oz Big Gulps (screw you Bloomberg) at 7-11 like there is no tomorrow. Ugh, to make myself feel better for the premature move, I am getting a mani/pedi stat!

  2. I never knew the Irish Hunger Memorial had a drive-thru. Good to know.

  3. Glad to hear – Stay in the suburbs and we’ll keep our ATMACHINEs to ourselves, and of course, Jake Gyllenhaal…