In the News: Full-Body Vibrators

••• The New York Times has an article about how fitness freaks aficionados are using “vibration plates” developed by the Soviet space program. The relevant part: “Station Fitness is set to expand this year, with two new locations in New York—one on the Upper East Side and one in Tribeca—and its first West Coast studio, in Beverly Hills, Calif. Each one will offer semiprivate instruction, with three to four machines. Monthly memberships at Station Fitness start at $200, and single sessions cost $35.” I called; it doesn’t sound like the Tribeca plans are firm just yet.

••• Scouting New York gets a nice long look at the Woolworth Building. (via Curbed)

••• “New York Observer observes loft sale at 165 Duane Street but does not like lofts.” —Manhattan Loft Guy, speaking truth about the coverage of a recent sale at 165 Duane.

••• Sorry to those of you hoping for a TCQ&A with Jane Pratt. This came from her rep: “Jane really appreciates your interest but, at the moment, is very tied up on the road and with work. Thank you for reaching out and we look forward to seeing what more you produce in the near future.” Besides hot air, I assume.

••• The folks at BuzzBuzzHome discovered another rendering of 93 Worth—this one notable for including the four-story topper—on the website of ODA-Architecture. BuzzBuzzHome, by the way, is all about new construction.


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  1. Jane Pratt’s career has existed in sort of a hothouse environment. She is simply not as significant as she thinks she is. If it works for her, she should live and be well. I’m not one to diminish the success of another, as long as she’s hurting no one. But she should have spoken to the TC. No matter how busy she is, she slighted you by not giving an interview. Not that she was terrifically vital before, but now she is extremely dead to me.