In the News: Demi Monde in Trouble

••• “Praise for the unusual cocktails and swanky decor at bar and restaurant Demi Monde has been bubbling up all over the press”—yeah?—”but don’t expect the new hot spot’s landlord Kent Swig to stop by for a congratulatory drink. Instead, he is suing the owners of the place, at 90 Broad St., for $110,136 in back rent and fees, as well as unspecified damages. Oh, in addition, Mr. Swig is seeking to evict Demi Monde, and allegedly with good reason. The establishment’s owners have never paid any rent, according to a complaint filed in New York County Civil Court last month.” Could that be why Handsome Coffee Roasters dropped out? And the chef left? —Crain’s

••• Tribeca resident Kate Betts writes about Tribeca—and two more of “New York’s Most Dynamic Neighborhoods”—for Travel + Leisure.

••• Tribeca resident Hollis Daniel, meanwhile, serves wine spritzers to guests. She’s loved them ever since having white wine “with a heavy splash of diet Sierra Mist and a squeeze of lime” at a wedding in Arizona. —New York Post

••• “Kamal Rose has become the executive chef at Tribeca Grill, only the third person to hold that post in the restaurant’s 22-year history. He has been working there for 13 years. Stephen Lewandowski, the previous chef, left recently to open his own restaurant, Harlan Social, in Stamford, Conn.” —New York Times

••• Actor Jonah Hill “was spotted at a 7:30 p.m. SoulCycle class in a Tribeca studio Monday. He was also there for an early morning ride on Friday.” He’s in Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. —New York Daily News

••• “Damon Dash’s Old Tribeca Loft Officially Has a New Owner.” —Curbed


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