Seen & Heard: No More Right on Red

••• A disappointing dispatch from Nicole: “Last weekend the crosswalk lights were changed at Hudson and Reade to a four-way cross when the westbound light at Reade is red, and yesterday the ‘right on red’ signs at that corner were removed. The traffic is already backing up regularly on W. Broadway today. Not great news for those of us who live on this corner as I predict that instead if the occasional horn to prompt someone who didn’t know about the right on red, we’ll now hear them all the time from cars stuck on W. Broadway.” Yep! I always loved that the city thought we could handle the responsibility. (If anything, now that Bogardus Plaza exists, that intersection should’ve just gone to a stop sign—then there’d be no honking unless someone saw me looking extra fine.) I’ll email the DOT to see what I can find out, but if anyone knows anything:

••• In case you missed it, Jonathan posted a provocative comment about the stonewalling of Asphalt Green: “Disgusting example of local politics and protecting their own special interests. They are literally starving AG out of existence. My prediction: they will unnecessarily blow tax payor and ground lease fees cash to buy AG out of the contract at a discount—then put in cheap and half-assed community run group managed by BPC / Townley, etc. Then, they will pitch it as more cost efficient and better for the community.”

••• Speaking of comments: The thread about a possible IHOP (and beyond) is worth a read….

••• Space B gallery (on Franklin east of Broadway) appears to have closed.

••• Remember how I was worried that the “TWOWS wardrobe” sign on the old Metro Gym on Broadway was for a TV show called “The Wives of Wall Street”? Well a new sign clears that misconception up. Wolf of Wall Street is a Martin Scorcese film starring Leo DiCaprio: “A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.” Also with Jonah Hill, Matthew McConnaughey, Jon Favreau, Jean Dujardin (The Artist), Rob Reiner, and Kyle Chandler. Margot Robbie, the first woman in mentioned in IMDB’s cast rundown—they’re usually in order of importance—is listed tenth.

••• From New Amsterdam Market: “She Sells Seaweed will make a very special visit to New Amsterdam Market this coming Sunday.”

••• On Aug. 23, from noon to 5 p.m. (with a reception following), nine Chilean fashion designers will hold a sale at One Art Space on Warren.

••• Just a reminder to get down to Battery Park before I write more about that “spontaneous discovery” opportunity.



  1. How about a camera that tickets people who don’t stop or an officer lurking with a zapper of his/her own? that’s better than a no right on red for that intersection.

  2. It is much safer walking across Hudson Street and Reade…cars used to zip on by..and make fast rights all the time. It was a dangerous corner to walk across..which my family does at least 20 times a day. I am happy that the “do not turn on red” appears now. !!

  3. a stop sign would have been much better than a light with right-on-red