Seen & Heard: Church Street Divided

••• Church Street is being divided from Leonard up (Sixth Ave and Canal traffic to the left) “till further notice” said the traffic cop yesterday. I’d assume it’s afternoons only. By the way, what are those orange things called? Dividers? They’re not cones or pylons…. Update: Bollards! Thanks, Nathaniel R.

••• The door to 87 Leonard was open yesterday, revealing a cavernous space under serious reno. Anyone know anything?

••• Another mystery: In the big building at the southwest corner of Hudson and Canal (205 Hudson), the southeastern part will be American Flatbread. But anyone know what’s happening over on the Watts Street side?

••• My silly little novel Nutmegger is now only $2.99, and it’s the perfect book to read during the last week of summer. There’s info on where to buy it (ebook only, alas) here.

••• Fika, the chocolatier/café opening in Truffles Tribeca (how apropos!) says it’s another month and a half at least from being ready.

••• Look who put signage up.



  1. I read Nutmegger and its definitely worth reading!

  2. “By the way, what are those orange things called?”

    It’s a “bollard”.