Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? (Hint: It’s a restaurant’s unisex restroom, and the window is in an exterior wall.) Say so in the comments.

Update: Congratulations, Carol! It is indeed the restroom at Pécan. We’ll play again next Friday morning.



  1. Weather Up?

  2. I know! Pecan… I use that bathroom often…

  3. You gave away the answer in the photo label, Erik! I protest this “win.”

  4. and do we really need that visual, Carol, that you use that bathroom often?

  5. He added the second photo later, Buzz. Man, I miss Jim Smithers. Hope he gets back from Holiday soon.

  6. @Stroller, scroll over the 1st picture and let it rest there for a moment and tell me what it says?

  7. @Buzz: Your protest is noted.