All Good Things Preview #3: Nunu Chocolates

All Good Things, the European-style food marketplace, opens this Saturday at 102 Franklin. As a preview, we’re meeting the vendors. Next up—after Dickson’s Farmstand Meats and Blue Marble Ice Cream—is a visit to Nunu Chocolates in Boerum Hill.

Founders: Andy Laird and Justine Pringle.

A brief history of Nunu Chocolates: “Justine and I started Nunu Chocolates in 2007. I’m a musician and while on tour we noticed that all the merchandise tables looked the same—concert shirt, CD, poster. We thought about what we could do that might be a little more unique. We immediately settled on making custom chocolates. The name Nunu came about because it’s a term of endearment for little kids in South Africa where Justine grew up and she was called that by her family. Once we got fairly more competent at making chocolates than making a complete mess, we approached stores in Brooklyn that we liked to shop at and asked them if they’d like to carry our product. We also started collaborating with other local small businesses that we loved—like making the hot fudge for Blue Marble Ice Cream (we’re so happy to be alongside them at All Good Things). By the end of 2008, we got our own shop on Atlantic so we could make all the chocolates right there and have customers come in, order a mocha or craft beer, and watch the whole process going on.”

What makes Nunu stand out: “Our guiding principle has always been simply to make chocolates we love. Along the way, we try to keep the process transparent so people can smell the caramel being cooked, watch the Hokey Pokey (crunchy honeycomb candy) coming out of the tempering machine covered in dark chocolate, or hear the clatter of one of our molds as we bang out a set of ganaches.”

What shoppers can expect at All Good Things: “We’ll make and dip our salt caramels right on site at All Good Things. We’ll also have our chocolate-covered grahams, Beer Box (six pieces, each involving a different craft beer), Booze Box (Absinthe, moonshine, sake, etc), and the rest of our usual suspects. For our frozen hot chocolate mochas, we’ll be using coffee from our AGT neighbors Blue Bottle Coffee. During the colder months, we’ll be pouring various flavors of our hot chocolate.”


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