Centrico Is Closed

When Centrico closed for two weeks of renovation in July, it was a bit of a surprise—one would think that July was prime time for margaritas on the loading dock. Then, yesterday, a sign on the gates said that the restaurant was closed through Labor Day.

I turned the corner onto Franklin, where I saw stacks of plates and cookware on the loading dock. Not a good sign….

On my back from an appointment, I saw guys carting away the plates and cookware. I asked if it was closed, and the answer was yes. I called Myriad Restaurant Group for a comment, and Drew Nieporent said. “There’s no official announcement about anything like that.” The rest of our conversation was off the record, and we agreed to talk today at noon. Last night, I noticed that Centrico was no longer on Myriad’s website.

Well, this morning’s New York Times had this report about a new restaurant called Distilled NY: “The partners in this new restaurant—Nick Iovacchini, Chris Eddy and Shane Lyons, the chef—are planning a ‘new American public house, with communal dining,’ as Mr. Iovacchini put it. They will use the space now occupied by Centrico, which they just bought from Drew Nieporent, and expect to open this winter. ‘We plan to have a robust cocktail program,’ Mr. Iovacchini said. Aaron Sanchez, the chef of Centrico, said he planned to open a Mexican restaurant in New York.”

I’ll update this if Nieporent has anything new to add.

Update: I called Nieporent at noon, but he never called me back.



  1. now where i am going to get my jalapeno margaritas?????

  2. Tribeca needs a good Mexican restaurant

  3. What a bummer! The new place that will be opening sounds interesting, but the options for decent Mexican food in Tribeca are now pretty bleak…

  4. Let’s not even mention the one on Greenwich (bad chain)

  5. @Everyone: So where IS there good Mexican food in NYC? (I’m from California, so I don’t like any of it, except I always had a fondness for Mexicana Mama and wish it would open in the old 2Spaghi space, although I just heard a rumor that that’ll be a [sorry, can’t say just yet…].) If there’s a consensus I’ll let those restaurants know that we need them down here.

  6. Suenos on 17th St for upscale Mexican food and Lupe’s in Soho for cheap and funky. I also came from Cal. and have been on a quest for the real thing for a long time. Probably have to go to Queens. I was visiting a friend in hospital in Long Island City and saw a little place on my way home. I picked up some great tamales for $2.00 each. This is NOT going to happen in TriBeCa.

  7. I actually like Papatzul on Grand St, and they deliver to Tribeca as well.

  8. I am sad. That was our anniversary place.

  9. I like Diablo Royale int he West Village … good food, great brunch. Nice, casual atmosphere. Mexicana Mama is a winner too. Please work on getting Tribeca good Mexican …

  10. Sweet Bloody Mary! What the guac is happening to Tribeca? If any local store would like to carry my new line of Drew Nieporent Mexican Voodoo dolls, please let me know, I’ve got a bunch. And communal dining? Seriously? Who wants to eat dinner family reunion picnic-style? I can barely get by sharing the communal tabletops in Forgione’s bar area.