Seen & Heard: Water Street Shopping District

••• Does this green patch across White from the Tribeca Grand have a name? (Not according to Google Maps.) There’s a Greenstreets sign, but it’s pretty unattended-looking. Here’s what I propose: The Tribeca Grand should make a juicy donation to the Greenstreets program, earmarking the funds for the triangle—wouldn’t a tree be lovely?—because (a) the hotel overlooks it, and (b) I’d imagine that some of the trash and cigarette butts are from patrons of its nightclubby parties and/or the taxi and Town Car drivers always waiting next to it.

••• 84 White is going up fast (right). It’s one of the few new buildings I could never get a rendering for. Anyone know of one?

••• A tipster sent in the Department of Buildings report on dilapidated 502 Canal, summarizing thus: “Hearing date happened and they have till November to fix. Hilariously they seem to have paid the fine twice.” Why not? What’s a $250 fine? Come on, Ponte Equities, don’t just let it rot in the hope that it’ll fall down. Fix this landmarked building up! (It must be Opinion Day around here.)

••• I hear that Mast Brothers will open its chocolate shop (and more) on Water Street in October. Also on the same block (just north of Fulton): Tinsel Trading Company will once again have a pop-up shop on the same block from Halloween through Christmas, while Sal Polisi‘s Maritime Craft Center will arrive (from near Pier 15) “soon,” according to a sign on the door.

••• From Downtown Alliance: “We hear Ricky’s is opening up (temporarily?) at corner of Pine St & Broadway. Trick o’ treat…?” So I guess it’s a Halloween pop-up.

••• The website Blockshopper recently asked me some questions about my thoughts on Tribeca, one of which was whether there were any buildings I thought didn’t fit in. Of course! This is New York! So I chose instead to mention how so many of the toppers—set-back additions to new or existing buildings—seem poorly conceived, like crappy hats on otherwise sharp outfits. All of which came flooding back when I noticed the top of the new Arman building on Canal. Who approved that?

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