In the News: Body Pulled from River

••• “For four years, a sprawling Hudson Square space has been awaiting the Jackie Robinson Museum. This month the Robinson Foundation restarts a drive to try to make it happen.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Curbed has an update on the Spice Warehouse condos.

••• “Two construction workers at the World Trade Center site were caught drinking beer and taking shots [at Eamonn’s] during their lunch break on Friday.” —New York Daily News

••• “Police pulled a body from the Hudson River near North Moore Street on Monday morning. […] Detectives on the scene said the victim was a man in his early 50s. […] Police said it was not being treated as suspicious.” —DNAinfo (photo courtesy @ArmandoRJ)



  1. I had hear all the sirens around 8:30….and a helicopter. Sad.

  2. I saw the medical examiner drive up in his van around 11am while I was running.