Seen & Heard: Costume Shop

••• When I walked by the fruit stand at the northwest corner of Church and Chambers yesterday, I noticed a fruit I ha never heard of—quenepa. I Googled it, and discovered that it’s Melicoccus bijugatus—ouch!—”commonly called Spanish lime, genip, guinep, genipe, quenepa or mamoncillo.” Today I bought a handful. They peel like a kumquat, and there are two lobes inside, big seeds covered in a sweet, slimy substance that appears to be the point. I enjoyed them, but I could see that perhaps they’re better utilized in dishes. (The vendor was a doll. The fruit are 25¢ each, and I had a $1 bill and some $20 bills, so I said I’d only buy four—and he threw in a few extra.) Anyway, the whole thing was an I-love-NYC moment.

••• Capri Caffé is closed for a two-week renovation.

••• The storefront at the northwest corner of Broadway and Franklin is going to be a Spirit Halloween costume shop; it’s on the same block as Ricky’s, so that’s handy, I guess. (It had been a raggedy fabric shop.) About that building: It’s the one that was totally botched when renovated, and I’ve been thinking it should class things up a bit by naming itself. “The Travesty” has a nice ring to it, no? (Was that too mean? I just got a new prescription for my glasses, so I’m extra cranky.)

••• Mehtaphor is organizing a gluten-free dinner: “Mehtaphor invites all the culinary challenged connoisseurs to five course gluten-free tasting dinner with wine pairing on Sept 13. As a firm supporter of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, Mehtaphor donates 20% of the diner’s proceeds to the foundation. $110 per person (all inclusive).” Reserve by calling 212-542-9440 or on OpenTable.

••• The prepared-food restaurant/shop coming to 73 Warren is now looking at more of a January opening.

••• Upcoming at City Winery: Peter Wolf (Nov. 3) and Susannah Hoffs (Nov. 5). Related: I just pushed play on iTunes, and the Bangles’ “If She Knew What She Wants” came on!

••• Some delicious graphic design for “After,” the show at R 20th Century opening Sept. 20.


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