Sole di Capri [CLOSED]
165 Church St.
(bet. Reade and Chambers)

It’s a little demeaning to call Sole di Capri (formerly known as Capri Caffé) a hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant, despite its location on an ungentrified section of Church—if anything, it’s more of a labor of love. At lunch, it’s swarmed with workers; at night, the tiny space turns romantic, if you don’t mind another table cuddled up next to yours. Prices are cheap and the service is unfailingly warm.

sole di capri signSole di Capri



  1. This place really is like being in Italy. I know that’s such a cliché, but it is! It is tiny, cramped, crazy, doesn’t take cards, staff doesn’t speak much English, no one gets their food at the same time, and everything is delicious. They also have chinotto (an addictive Italian soft drink), which is how you know they’re authentic. Oh, and there’s no kitchen–they cook everything behind what looks like the counter of the deli that used to be there. I shouldn’t even be telling you this because it’s hard enough to get a table already.

  2. Any idea when Capri caffe is reopening? Miss it.

  3. We were there last night and it’s open for business. They’ve changed the décor a little, the guy with the hat now seems to be more of a cook than a maître d’, and there’s a waiter who speaks English (he’s thinking of taking Italian lessons), but other than that it’s the same. Delicious. They were out of Chinotto, but had something called San Bitter (?) that was good.