Seen & Heard: Historic Signage at Risk

••• Anne Baxter sounds the alarm that the work being done on 59 Franklin—east of Broadway, where those three galleries are (or used to be?)—is about to remove forever the old signage: “I have contacted the architect’s office (Daniel Goldner) and received a very cordial response from a young man I spoke with—though the key project contacts were in meetings. I explained that these signs are hours (or minutes away) from destruction—the workers are there now, applying stripper but haven’t scraped the signage layer off yet. I asked them to delay until someone can make an informed decision (they agreed to hold off until they could speak with their boss).” What a potential shame! That area—whether you consider it Tribeca or not—has a ton of character, and it’d be awful to lose it. UPDATE from Anne: “Just spoke to the project manager (construction) who asked the workers to leave the letters intact on the last four pilasters until they get a decision from building management/architects.”

••• The TV show Blue Bloods is filming in Church/Leonard vicinity tomorrow.

••• Kutsher’s Tribeca is offering a special five-course fixed-price dinner for Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 16 and 17, with 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. seatings each night. The price is $85 per person ($50 for children under 10). And Kutsher’s will serve dinner for Yom Kippur on Sept. 25 from noon to 8 p.m. and our special Break Fast menu of dairy and meat specialties on Sept. 26 (4 p.m. to 11 p.m.). Call 212-431-0606 to reserve. Catering also available. Sponsored

••• Congratulations to Steven Amedee, who is celebrating his frame shop/gallery’s 10-year anniversary on Sept. 20 (6–9 p.m.) with an exhibit of paintings by Rick Lewis.

••• I had a blast at Woodrow’s monthly trivia game last night, even if my team didn’t win. (The last question involved naming all ten Care Bears in the order they were introduced. Come on! We protested by submitting obscene Care Bear names.) The funniest moment was when Woodrow’s owner came over  right as I was using my phone to look up the names of Julia Roberts’ twins—the next category was about the actress, and I was positive it would be among the questions. (I was right.) I knew I was on ethically dubious ground—is proactively researching the same thing as cheating?—so when I didn’t hear what Erin asked, I assumed the worst and said, “I’m just checking my email!” It turns out she just wanted to know if I wanted another beer. The next game is Monday, Oct. 1.

••• As I was walking to All Good Things for a coffee this morning, I ran into owner Kyle Wittels, who mentioned how he was especially pleased at how customers have been asking chef Ryan Tate—who is also overseeing the fish and vegetable stalls—for cooking advice. So when I was waiting for my coffee to drip drip drip, I wandered over to the vegetables, where I saw fresh shell beans. (They’re rare in these parts.) And Ryan did indeed tell me exactly what to do with them! Now I just need to ask if he can find me a bunch of small celery roots. We really know how to party at my house….



  1. Pasta fazool!