Seen & Heard: Gong Show

••• Adopt a geranium on Oct. 10 (10 a.m. to noon) at Bowling Green Park: “The Downtown Alliance is giving away 4,000 geraniums at part of its ‘Green Around Downtown’ program.”

••• From Tribeca Treats: “We are launching our new Irving Farm coffee today. We are giving away free regular coffees with any purchase OR free cookies with purchase of any espresso drink. We will also be retailing the coffee and espresso beans (our first supply should hopefully come in today.)”

••• Dirty Bird To-Go has opened (in case I don’t get to the NKOTB post today).

••• Oct. 3 at Barnes & Noble Tribeca: Richard Belzer. Does it matter why?

••• From the Hideaway: “Last Crab Night of the season kiddies! Pop on in to smash up the last bits of summer!”

••• At the Clocktower Gallery: “Opening reception and concert by A Taylor Kuffner and his robotically controlled bells, gongs, and chimes installed in the Clocktower’s main gallery. Tues., Sept 18 at 6pm, no admittance after 7pm. RSVP to” Paging Jaye P. Morgan….



  1. I thought I was alone in my geekdom (as usual). Do most people get the Jaye P. Morgan reference?

  2. I think I have an old LP of hers still hidden away. My geekdom knows no bounds.

    For the uninitiated, please check her website

    For those who do not get the LP reference, there is no hope at all.