In the News: Big Washington Street Building

••• The Wall Street Journal ponders the trees at the 9/11 Memorial. They’re growing.

••• The New York Times editorializes about Pier 40 (and by extension, Hudson River Park): “Even if the law is changed to allow more commercial uses, any new proposal would have to address issues of height, noise, traffic, as any major development proposal would, as well as conform to the original vision of the park as a place primarily for public enjoyment. But the worst alternative would be to do nothing. State legislators, like Assembly members Richard Gottfried and Deborah Glick, whose districts include large parts of the park, should figure out a way to save Pier 40. Without it, the park itself could be in peril.” One does wonder if those assembly members have any idea how important Pier 40 and the park are to folks around here.

••• Downtown Lunch says Sabor de Mexico opened on Nassau between John and Fulton. Also, we agree on Dirty Bird To-Go.

••• Tribecan Amy Levin (she’s the founder of College Fashionista) tells Minkette—which appears to be accessory designer Rebecca Minkoff’s blog—about her neighborhood favorites.

••• “Legendary real estate tycoon Eugene Grant has turned down potential suitors at 550 Washington Street for decades. But as the 92-year-old landlord approaches a contractual window that could force the building’s sale, he may finally be realizing that you can’t take it with you.” You know 550 Washington as that building with the tunnel at Houston Street. —Commercial Observer


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  1. There is a meeting on the future of Pier 40 at 4 p.m. today at 22 Reade Street – I think all the usual suspects will be there.