Seen & Heard: Woody Allen Filming Here Tomorrow

••• I read somewhere that Tribeca required buildings to have water towers because they’re picturesque, which struck me as BS, and then I read it again. (Don’t remember where either time.) So I poked around, and lo and behind, Wikipedia’s page on water towers says, “As of 2006, the neighborhood of Tribeca requires water towers on all buildings, whether or not they are being used.” And then there’s a “[citation needed]” note. So I asked CB1 if they knew anything (no), and the Landmarks Preservation Commission (they laughed and said to try the Department of Buildings), the DOB (who will not respond, even though I’ve tried calling and emailing many, many times), and two water tower builders (they said they’d never heard of such a thing). I think we can consider that myth debunked.

••• Karkula has divested itself of its eastern half (right) and begun using the cellar to display merch. Have you ever seen the tall mirror made of tilted horizontal slats? Awesome. If you know what’s coming to 48 Walker, I’m all ears.

••• Tribeca firm looking for Part-Time executive assistant with Internet Marketing—if interested please send your resume to Sponsored

••• It says something sad about this world that Chabad of Tribeca/Soho needs a guard outside its new space on Reade. Maybe it’s just for the holidays?

••• Taste of the Seaport—benefiting Spruce Street School and (?) Peck Slip School—is Sunday, Sept. 30, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Advance tickets ($30 for five tastings) are here.

••• Look, it’s Tribeca Canvas’s logo. (That’s the upcoming Morimoto restaurant on Church.)

••• Councilmember Margaret Chin is leading a peek into the underground Low Line park this Saturday at 1 p.m. Meet at Broome and Essex.

••• I was wondering what on earth “WASP 2012” was when I saw the film-shoot flyers all around Tribeca. The I saw one that said it’s the Woody Allen Summer Project 2012! (LOL at the acronym.) I assume it’s this one, which has also filmed elsewhere in New York and in San Francisco. I’ll take it all back if he drafts me for a scene tomorrow, but the cast lists are usually the best part of his movies these days, and this one is a doozy: Cate Blanchett (love her so much it hurts a little), Louis C.K., Alex Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins, Andrew Dice Clay….



  1. I have a son named Alec, but not one named Alex

  2. @Papa Baldwin: Thanks. In my defense, x and c are right next to each other….

  3. Synagogues have had security guards/NYPD for a while (since 9/11?), especially on holidays. The one on White Street does too. But now: