In the News: Shake Shack Calorie Counts

••• “The city is looking for new ways to fix the crumbling Pier 40 and bolster the Lower Manhattan shoreline—offering nearly $100,000 in prize money for the winning bids. The city’s Economic Development Corporation plans to launch an NYC Waterfront construction competition called ‘Change the Course’ which asks entrants to come up with new ideas for developing the city’s waterfront.” The city is tossing around money like crazy lately. —DNAinfo

••• The “Dream House” art installation has reopened. It closes in the summer. —Gallerist

••• The New York Times reviews Thomas Bradshaw’s “Job” at the Flea: “‘Job’ occasionally seems like a goofy, impious blackout sketch by a 21st-century undergraduate. […] But the script also evokes a more distant time, when deities were mortals magnified. And it shrewdly elicits the similarities between ancient Greek mythology and Old Testament theology.”

••• “Shake Shack is now required to post calorie counts on menu boards at its seven city locations [….] The bliss of biting into a ShackBurger—a quarter-pound of beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and a special sauce—is no longer accompanied by ignorance of its 490 calories. A vegetarian option fancied by the more health-conscious, the ‘Shroom Burger—a fried portobello slathered in Muenster, cheddar and sauce—has 570 calories, 20 more than a McDonald’s Big Mac. And a meal consisting of a double-patty ShackBurger, regular fries and a chocolate shake is just shy of 2,000 calories—what the U.S. Agriculture Department recommends the average adult consume in an entire day.” —Wall Street Journal

••• Dance New Amsterdam “has to meet an immediate need of $150,000 just to stay afloat.” —Downtown Express

••• “At the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation board meeting on Thurs., Sept. 13, a pedestrian bridge over West Street at West Thames inched closer to becoming a reality.” —Downtown Express



  1. Wow. Who came up with the idea to have a contest to save Pier 40? It seems a bit superfluous given the imminent closure. Is this all the leaders of the community can come up with? Shame on them. For gods sake, spend that money to keep it open. I am the only one baffled/ supremely annoyed by this news?

    Maybe Shake Shack will come up with at least one semi healthy alternative–a veggie burger that is not deep fried with cheese maybe?

  2. Well, they don’t fry their shakes…….

  3. I’ve long held suspicions about shake shack… it’s just too delish not to have a high fat content.

    and if you want scary calorie counts, go to Palm, where they also have now have the calories printed on the menu – certainly affects how you order
    (one slice of carrot cake was over 2000 calories. One slice. How is that even possible? and who will be crazy enough to order the carrot cake with that knowledge… I imagine that will be modified or going off the menu soon…)

  4. @Betty: A chocolate shake is 740 calories…. And not even good!

  5. hmmmm……………..I thought the one shake I had there was quite good…

  6. In defense of the Palm, one slice of cake there can serve 4-6 people.

  7. who said chocolate? At the Shake Shack go for the black and white. For chocolate, try Quality Burger. And if you, or anyone, knows of a truly great shake…tell me quick! Please.

  8. @betty Pop Burger has a pretty rich and tasty shake. I think better than the Shake Shack one.

  9. Thanks Cami…will have to wait until next week because there is a cookie bake off at the Battery Park City Block Party today.