In the News: Watch Out for Falling Mattresses

••• “The Port Authority’s board voted Thursday to launch a study on long-awaited plans for direct train service from Lower Manhattan to Newark Liberty International Airport.” —DNAinfo

••• “A college kid walking home from class in the Financial District was knocked out cold when he was hit by a mattress that was apparently blown off the roof of a swank high-rise. ‘I would have preferred to have not been hit by a mattress, but I’m trying not to complain,’ said good-natured Jesse Scott Owen, 18, laughing off the freak accident, which happened at around 1 p.m. Tuesday on Broad Street.” —New York Post (photo courtesy @OMG_itshim)

••• There will be a show house called Designer Visions—sounds like the place at the mall where you some people get glasses—at 250 West in November and December: “Sure, you can always pick up the winter issues of House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Veranda to see these interiors created by David Rockwell, Matthew Patrick Smyth and Antony Todd, respectively, but we recommend seeing the apartments in person—if only to get a sneak peek inside the luxe new 250 West St. condo conversion. The Tribeca show house will be open to the public on select weekends. Admission $30. Visit” —New York Post

••• “The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has agreed to spend $910,000 to keep pedestrian managers”—LOL—”on the job at five West Street intersections through the fall of 2013.” —Broadsheet

••• “Some people might look at the September 4 sale of the ‘1,576 sq ft’ Manhattan loft #5W at 99 Reade Street (Reade Court) for $2mm and see that the big news is that it sold at that round number 15 months after being purchased for $1.925mm; really close readers of Manhattan Loft Guy would recognize that there is still a discount for low ceilings on this no-longer-top-floor loft; but I am distracted, wondering why someone who bought and moved to a lovely loft in April 2011 from a small loft rental around the corner would decide to move within 12 months.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• Watch your back. I remember when “Lite FM” used to mean non-confrontational….



  1. Those pedestrian managers are the biggest joke and Stringer and LMDC should be ashamed of themselves wasting that kind of money. They do not provide any additional safety outside of telling people to go when the light is green and stop when the light is red and the traffic agents still override them so what is the point!

  2. Sorry Mr. Stringer it was Mr. Silver who worked to keep the pedestrian managers.