Loft Peeping: 2012 Loft Tour Preview #1

The 13th-annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour, benefiting Friends of Duane Park, is Sunday, Oct. 14 (1–5 p.m.). Tickets are $60 at or $65 the day of, but don’t wait, because only 400 tickets are available, and the event tends to sell out. And there’s something new this year! “The tour has added an additional bonus loft viewing in the Financial District from 5–6 p.m., requiring a separate ‘Outside Tribeca Loft Ticket’ for $25 in advance, $30 day of with a limit of only 250 tickets.” More on that option once I get a photo of it—it sounds spectacular.

P.S. They’re looking for volunteers: Do a two-hour stint and you get a free ticket.

Friends of Duane Park lets the media preview four of the 10 apartments on the tour—it’s more of a bunch of open houses than a tour per se—and here’s the first. It’s a 6,800-ish-square-foot, eight-bedroom apartment on Watts. Owner Rachel Kuchinad explained that she and her husband bought one apartment, and then the one behind it became available (the co-op is composed of several buildings), so they bought it. Then the one downstairs became available, so they bought it, too. Now they’re working on the roof deck—which won’t be open for the tour—which meant we couldn’t shoot the main living room because the furniture was all draped in plastic. But there were still plenty of other highlights…. (Click to enlarge, and drift over the photos for basic info on what you’re looking at.) The architect is Ingrid Hustvedt of locally based Hustvedt Cutler Architects.

••• Embedded iPads running the Savant TrueControl app.
••• Classic Tribeca wooden ceilings.
••• Two elevators that open directly to the apartment—one leads to more of a mudroom, because the entrance downstairs has a ramp, not stairs.
••• Home theater! (It was dark, which is why the photo looks black-and-white.) There will be one on the roof, too.
••• Foosball and Ms. Pac-Man.
••• Bold color in the kids’ rooms—including a mural by a graffiti artist that incorporate New York sports teams—and a red-and-white-striped room.
••• Kids’ playroom to die for. (There are three kids, as you might have guessed from the side-by-side-by-side iMacs.)
••• Long vertical lightboxes hung on the wall to show off slides. (Slides are how people used to take photos.)
••• The au pair has her own room—and her own elevator access.
••• I couldn’t resist including a photo of one of the roof-deck workers peering through a skylight.

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