Loft Peeping: Kelly Black

I was excited when New York magazine’s Design Hunting spin-off issue came out, because I love most anything New York magazine does. (I want them to do a travel microsite/magazine and I want to edit it. Wouldn’t you like a reliable New York–centric source for travel advice?) Sure enough, design editor Wendy Goodman put together a superb mix of interiors—Murray Moss’s Midtown apartment, in particular—as well as a resource guide full of useful listings. If you like shelter mags, I encourage you to pick up a copy; I got mine at Barnes & Noble.

Alas, the content isn’t online. It may yet be, but who can wait? I fired up my crappy little scanner and captured Let’s peep the eight-page feature on the 4,700-square foot Battery Park apartment of Kelly Black, her anonymous husband (he’s in finance), and their quintet of kids. My partner and I disagree about what “Battery Park” means in this context. I assume the apartment is in what I would call FiDi, in a building adjacent to the Battery Park; he says “Battery Park” includes Battery Park City.

Black & Co. considered moving out of the city, possibly to California, in order to give their kids more of a suburban upbringing, but then they decided to stay. They bought two adjacent units in their building and combined all three, “turning a second kitchen into an arts-and-crafts room, and replacing a spare bedroom with a full-size playhouse.” The design was by by Incorporated; the reno took 10 months. Two standout moments worth noting: The backsplash made by sandwiching Josef Frank fabric between glass, and the custom birch doors.

Laura Fenton wrote the text (if you can make it out—my scanner really is awful), and Annie Schlecter took the lovely photos. Start with the third image to read the article in order. The files are huge, so they take a while to load. UPDATE: The article is now online.



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