In the News: Tiny’s Tempest

••• From the Tribeca Trib: At the full board meeting of Community Board 1, panties got severely twisted over sidewalk seating—and alcohol being served there without the appropriate paperwork—at Matt Abramcyk’s Smith & Mills and Tiny’s. I have so much to say about this! 1) CB1: Your side-street policy needs rethinking if even one restaurant—such as Blaue Gans?—has side-street sidewalk seating. (The policy as it stands now: Only restaurants on corners are allowed to have outside seating on side streets. As if noise doesn’t travel as much if you’re on a corner?) Like board member Adam Malitz is quoted saying in the Trib, decide each application on its merits. 2) As one restaurateur explained to me the other day, what restaurants gain from sidewalk seating isn’t just a few tables of revenue—the seating makes it far clearer to passersby that the space is a restaurant. 3) The corollary to the “Never piss off a blogger” rule—because we have nothing better to do than grind an axe, and loudly—is “never piss off a community board.”

••• Wall Street Journal has a long article about how Lower Manhattan is swarming with record-level tourists (and to a lesser extent, residents), with cries for getting more money from the city; the examples of how it would be spent include sanitation workers, public restrooms, maps and signs, and cracking down on illegal vendors. Maybe what they could really do is spend the money on getting construction projects finished so there will simply be more room—the upcoming Broadway water tunnel project, for instance, promises to make a bad situation far worse.

••• From a reader: “Any details on that huge 6 car pileup on the corner of Canal and Hudson last night? Car going east on Canal hopped the curb, nearly hitting 205 Hudson… Smashed into about six cars at full speed waiting at red light on Hudson Street going north.”

••• Pick A Bagel is now open 24 hours seven days a week. —Broadsheet

••• On Sunday, “The Brooklyn/Battery Tunnel will be closed for the Annual FDNY Stephen Siller ‘Tunnels to Towers’ Run,” says the Broadsheet. This is the best part of the notice: “Closures begin at 11pm on Saturday, Sept. 29 through approximately 3pm on Sunday, September 30. Expect lane closures on the following streets: Battery Park underpass; Brooklyn-Battery tunnel (entire length); West Street between Battery Place and Warren Street; West Thames Street between West Street and Dead End (Battery Park City Esplanade); South End Avenue between West Thames and Liberty Streets; Liberty Street between West Street and the Battery Park City Esplanade; Murray Street between North End Avenue and West Street; Warren Street between West Street and River Terrace; North End Avenue between Warren and Vesey Streets; Vesey Street between West Street and River Terrace; River Terrace between Warren and Vesey Streets.”

••• Wall Street Journal profiles “modern-day man man” Steve Stoudt, who lives in Tribeca.

••• From the LMCCC: “This Saturday, September 29, city Department of Design and Construction crews will install the 36-inch trunk water main on N. Moore Street, requiring a full closure between Hudson and Greenwich Streets from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.” The notice is welcome—as it would’ve been if someone had said something about the street being closed this afternoon.



  1. #1, All of CB1’s policies need rethinking or even just some thinking would be nice.
    #2. Doesn’t MaryAnn’s have outside seating that stretches 1/2 way down Harrison?
    #3. Why don’t they double the amount of road construction workers, so you put more people to work and get it done twice as fast?

  2. @Jim: Re #2… Because MaryAnn’s is on a corner, CB1 says it can have sidewalk seating on the side street. Where the policy really breaks down is Blaue Gans (as I mentioned), or even that mid-block restaurants with loading docks (Marc Forgione, City Hall) don’t have to get CB1 approval.

  3. @Erik – CB1 “approval” – that’s funny thing you says.