Seen & Heard: Blueberry Fusion Café

••• A reader directed me to another great photo on the Dirty Old 1970s New York City Facebook page.

••• Something called Blueberry Fusion Café is opening on Church two doors south of Birdbath. The website has a sign-up field and this text: “There is no guilt in out Pleasure. We are building your next favorite thing…. you know that thing that you love… yeah that but healthier.”

••• “Tribeca family of 3 seeks sublet, furnished or unfurnished for October and November. One or two bedrooms ideal. Contact Mike at” Sponsored (remember, classifieds cost only a $10 donation to the Friends of Hudson River Park)

••• @Jammy_sod alerted me to stirrings at Saleya, the W. Broadway restaurant (Warren/Murray) from Michel Cohen of Tribcea Pediatrics. They’re still awaiting a liquor license, but as a soft opening they might start serving lunch (no alcohol, obviously) in the next week or two, but it’ll be a limited menu and the construction shed won’t even be taken all the way down.

••• More details from Anne Marie Bennick of Live Well Company on its plans for the River Lofts space: “We will be taking a 4,000-square-foot interior space (so in other words, the space will be divided and we will be in the back so we can have privacy and lots of room to move, but still on the ground floor). Our entrance will be on West Street and we will have a hallway that leads to our space. We are anticipating opening this December.”

••• Congratulations to Fika, which won three golds at the International Chocolate Awards.

••• “CSI: NY” is shooting near the Odeon on Monday.

••• Barry’s Bootcamp (coming to One York) held its opening party last night. I stopped by briefly beforehand—it felt young and dark and hot and nightclubby, and I’m not sure that was because everyone was getting pumped up for the event. They’re hoping to start classes soon. Here’s the schedule….


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