Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous Where in Tribeca…? photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

Update: Congratulations to Zeke for correctly identifying this as being outside 104 Franklin, next to All Good Things. And J, you’re not losing your mind—Zeke’s comment hadn’t shown up yet, even though he submitted it earlier, because I had to approve it (he hasn’t commented before). Once I approved it, it showed up as predating yours. Sorry for the confusion!



  1. 104 Franklin (stoop next to All Good Things)

  2. 104 Franklin, next to All Good Things

  3. Oops, didn’t see @Zeke’s post for some reason

  4. @Everyone: See update in the post.

  5. Wait…..where is the No Breathing line?