In the News: Sukkah Success

••• “The Fritz and Maria Koenig Foundation is ‘officially joining the growing number of people and personalities who want to help to bring the ‘Sphere’ back to its rightful place, the W.T.C. site.’” Fritz Koenig is the artist who created it. Not sure about this “growing number” business—the Times likes to make vague statements like “more and more,” “increasingly,” and “a growing number”…. —The New York Times

••• Magic Mix Juicery is opening on Fulton in November; it “will offer a variety of vegan and gluten free dry goods including kale chips, sprouted bagels, breakfast bowls with coconut yogurt and goji berries, and other breakfast and lunch dishes prepared daily.” —DNAinfo

••• The New York Times checks in with five young women who broke their Yom Kippur fast at Kutsher’s Tribeca. Mothers of single Jewish men weep at the missed opportunity.

••• Bethenny got her roots done! —New York Daily News

••• This should’ve been in Seen & Heard, but what fun are rules if you don’t break them every now and then? Chana Paris of Chabad of Tribeca sent over a photo of their sukkah being built outside their new home on Reade Street. A much happier situation than the sukkah drama last year….

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