Seen & Heard: New Wine Bar?

••• A liquor-license notice went up at the old 2Spaghi/Franklin Caffé space at W. Broadway and White. They didn’t exactly go overboard with helpful info, and 229 Bleecker doesn’t pull up anything interesting online. I’ve heard it’s going to be a wine bar, but I have yet to confirm that. Oh, look: Here’s more info on the updated CB1 Tribeca agenda for October: The name is Aria. Could it be related to this West Village wine bar named Aria? I called but the guy who answered hadn’t heard anything. I’ll keep trying. UPDATE: It is indeed that Aria, although the deal isn’t 100% done yet.

••• The folks at 288 West can’t get a meeting with Related about the demolition next door, according to a comment today.

••• The La-Chic jewelry store—I always loved that name—on Chambers is becoming a Sprint store.

••• People have been tweeting about someone walking a pig in Tribeca. Could it be real estate broker Ryan Serhant of NestSeekers International on Reade and “Million Dollar Listing”? He has a pig named Kevin Bacon.

••• Fresh Direct seems to be parking in from of the Con Edison substation on W. Broadway. Not a bad spot, all in all, it seems to me.

••• Wicki Boyle said she popped into the under-conversion 28 N. Moore and had this to say: “It smells as if you were in a very well-aged cask. They found lots of barrels of olives that seemed good during demo.”

••• My good friend is a cohost of a benefit for President Obama this Thursday, and what makes it locally noteworthy is that it’s at the Hudson Street home of Susan and Michael Hort. They have the most jaw-dropping collection of contemporary art: If you like contemporary art, you really must see it. (Yes, I have.) If two friends weren’t getting married that night, I’d so be there. I hope you’ll consider it. We must not be complacent (and I know the party will be fun). RSVP here.

••• Opening November 7 at Soho Photo: “The winning entries in its Eighth Annual Alternative Processes Competition as well as a guest exhibition by the Masterplaters, a photographic collective that works with the wet-plate collodion process.”



  1. I’ve seen the pig but it was walked by a woman. My dog, Pancake, and the pig were friendly. The pig mainly snuffled around on the sidewalk. It’s name wasn’t Kevin Bacon so it may be a second pig and it was rather small.

  2. I’ve also seen a goat on a leash at Il Mattone.

  3. A goat trumps a pig. Or maybe not? But what I really want to see are the foxes that I hear someone in Tribeca owns….

  4. The goat definitely wins. Maybe you should ask the pig about the foxes…

  5. I’ve seen the goat (off leash) and have a few photos for evidence.
    If you find out about those foxes my daughter will be your friend forever.

  6. I met the woman who is opening the restaurant at the old franlin station space. It is the same owners as Aria. They told me this one is going to be called Terra. They were looking for signatures for a liquor license on the corner on Friday night.