In the News: P.S. 234 Drops from “A” to “C”

••• “It’s among the most popular and over-crowded elementary schools in the city, but according to the Department of Education, it’s now below average. PS 234 in Tribeca saw its standing among schools plummet this past year based on the city’s grading system—from the 81st percentile in the city to just the 4th percentile. The school went from an A grade in 2011 to a C grade in 2012—and was one of 17 schools in its district to lose ground.” —New York Post UPDATE: Here’s the DOE’s P.S. 234 report, which, to her credit, principal Lisa Ripperger sent out to parents today (along with a letter promising an update tomorrow about “how these letter grades are comprised and what it all means”).

••• The Broadsheet interviews new-ish CB1 chair Catherne McVay Hughes. “Asked to name the biggest surprise she has faced since taking over CB1, Ms. McVay Hughes said, ‘The tremendous outpouring of support I’ve had from the rest of the Board and everyone in City Government.'” (That’s when I stopped reading.)

••• The Tribeca Trib recaps where we stand with BPCA vs. Asphalt Green: “‘We have encountered difficulties in preparing to implement our contract with Asphalt Green, primarily because of the differing requirements for transparency and community participation BPCA must comply with in spending public money, as compared to a private organization,’ recently appointed BPCA chair­man Dennis Mehiel said in a statement on Sept. 12. ‘We are actively pursuing a solution that will allow the Center to open under terms and conditions that protect the assets we are charged with administering.'”

••• A street-food vendor got screwed by the city. —New York Post


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  1. It’ time to stage a protest:

    I think that it is time to have a well-organized rally / march around Asphalt Green on North End Avenue (possibly to the BPCA offices). I mean one where kids and adults are carrying signs and we are making noise….People in this community are so outraged that there is no transparent information about the opening of Asphalt Green and that we have been lied to over and over again. With the smoke screens and half-assed answers put forth through the Trib and TribecaCitizen, I think the only way to get the parties to come clean, so we can all know when we utilize these amazing facilities, would be to show our public outrage. If you think this is a good idea or are interested in joining me in making some real noise, post here or email me at jamie at