In the News: Pier 17 Re-Redesign

This is the old redesign. The new one is cleft down the middle to allow interior light.

••• Howard Hughes Corp. presented redesigned plans for Pier 17: “The latest design for the Seaport mall splits the building in two, opening up the ground floor to natural light as well as the weather. It also provides a new look to the food market next door.” Did we know there would be a food market next door? That means there will be food markets at the South Street Seaport (possibly two, if we include New Amsterdam Market), the World Trade Center, and the World Financial Center.  —Tribeca Trib

••• Mast Brothers’ Seaport shop has opened, says Grub Street. I tried reaching out to Mast Brothers many times, and I never got a response. The bitter taste in my mouth sure ain’t from chocolate.

••• “Locals Push Trinity to Ensure More Open Space in Hudson Square Plan.” —DNAinfo (which means “Community Board” when it uses “Locals” like that)


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  1. Can’t wait to see the new box split in the middle ….. wow … genius .