Seen & Heard: Church Street Parties Ticking Off Residents

••• From a reader: “The landlord of 279 Church is now renting the fourth floor out for private parties. The current lease holder of the fourth floor is having a party in his unit almost every night. Lots of loud music and marijuana—and even a security guard by the front door letting people in. (The invites say 3rd floor but the parties are on the 4th floor of the building.) Per this article, they are calling it the #279 Creative. The landlord said he was done with noisy parties and such coming from the building—this is a far cry from cleaning up the neighborhood.” The landlord is Slavik Gofman; I called the only one I could find online, but he has yet to respond.

••• From Downtown Alliance: “Water St between Peck Slip and Dover St will be closed to traffic for the next 6 months, starting today, due to a water-main installation.”

••• Also from Downtown Alliance: The adopt-a-free-potted-geranium event is tomorrow 10 a.m. to noon at Bowling Green.

••• One last reminder about this Sunday’s Inside Tribeca Loft Tour: Buy tickets now because it sells out.

••• If I were Jonathan Adler, I’d be pissed at 225 Rector Place. Grammarians unite!



  1. there appears to be a divergence between mr. gofman’s words and actions.

    the unfortunate thing is that the system is almost designed to protect guys like him and it can take months or even years to remedy

  2. Clicked on the link thinking it was going to be about the periodic rooftop parties at 162 Church. The ones that happen about every 3-4 months. The ones you can hear all over the neighborhood that go from about 8pm til 3am. The ones the fine officers at the First Precinct do nothing about. Those are the ones that drive me crazy.

  3. @DeeDee: I’ve had a complaint about those (and seen the lights from the street — they’re the rooftop ones, right?), but I never see anything online that names a promoter. If you know who’s throwing them — or have any other info — let me know.

  4. You guys all need hobbies or a significant other…lets be honest your complaining about parties 1. Because your losers and 2. Because you weren’t invited. With the amount of $ there paying they should be allowed to throw a party whenever they choose too, and you guys should stop being losers trying to find things to complain about.

  5. Yeah, you guys! You are all uninvited dishonest losers! Why don’t you get a hobby like trying to find a significant other? Darryl is so right on, with the amount of money they’re partying, I mean paying, those suckers can throw a party whenever they want. Why are you complaining about loud music and the funky smells? So strange. You’d probably also complain if it was quiet and smelled like Febreze (linen & sky). If you weren’t such losers with lame jobs and families, etc, you might get invited. MIGHT!! And if you don’t like the loud parties, they will gladly send over a big wad of cash to shove in your ear holes. Please note – Darryl is a winner and most definitely has a significant other. And thank you, Darryl, for forcing us to face the fact that we all need better hobbies, me specifically.

  6. Your welcome Jim…your welcome..and if you have children I know a great place that has noise canceling ear buds if you need them… ;-)

  7. At least we can rest easy knowing that these well-heeled “winners” aren’t throwing raucous, all-night Spelling Bees.

  8. To Whom it may concern,

    Good Day Folks, and especially a good day to you Robbie, the actual loser in real life that you are, who not only lives above me and tries to come and hang at my private engagements, but drafted this article up and sent it to post on this community forum/blog.

    I’ve recently moved into the area and I am completely open and have nothing to hide. I do not possess a cabaret license nor do I illegally sell alcohol or even have an entry fee to come up to my home and engage in a great time with good people, and good energy. I hire a doorman for my private functions to ensure that there is no loitering around the outside of the building, also to keep the riff raff out being that it is my place, I pay my rent. If there is anyone who has a complaint or curiosity, and you live within a 2 block radius of my establishment [except for you Robbie, you loser that cannot own up as a man and simply knock on my door to express your disdain], I implore you to come down and check it out for yourself. Drinks on me.

    Robbie, I guess you’re intimidated by seeing a sophisticated Black man living in TriBeCa, that is an artist, who has an extensive reach and network of creative individuals that do not like you or care to want to know you, and plays music at a high volume, and has a great network of people that like to come over, hang out, and drink with full responsibility.

    As far as the smells of hemp that you are complaining about digitally, I suggest that you stop being a coward and knock on my door. I have nothing to hide. People make flyers for private events everyday [cc: Paperless Post].

    I like to enjoy life, why should I have to worry about an online article about my art gallery event?

    Again, if there’s anyone who feel like being a nosey loser, please feel free to pop by.

    Have a great weekend all!


  9. Dear Comment writers,

    I’m glad my neighbor thinks this is all about him. I think its a prominent display of his arrogance and ignorance and disrespect for the building and the community.

    I have lived in my building for 8 years. Before my neighbor moved in, there were families that lived in this building. In fact, we were all a big family. 8 of us. 6 friends and two beautiful children who were conceived and nurtured in their early years in our building. It was an amazing experience and a definition of community. We spent birthdays and holidays together. This is what community is about. Were there parties in the building? Of course there were. There was also a mutual respect in doing so, where as my neighbors (or I)would give advance notice of the events going on, and also established whether or not the events were public of private. We also provided amenities in case the thoroughfare or noise potential would be an inconvenience. That is called having respect for your neighbors. Something I offered you the first time I saw you in the hallway, something I was ready to offer you when i knocked on your door every day the first 2 weeks you moved in so I could introduce myself and have a neighborly relationship. Yet you never answered. Whether you were afraid to answer or had a hidden agenda that you did not want exposed, I took it as a sign that you were possibly a private person and respected that.
    When you started having your events, you gave no warning. When you hired a security guard that was stationed in front of the building, that didn’t want to let me lock my own door, you gave me no warning. When you came up to my apartment agressively knocking on the door, I came out and spoke to you. When you wouldn’t let me finish the reasonable dialogue I was offering you, you retreated back to your party leaving me with a threat.
    So, above, you first admit to consuming marijuana and then bate or challenge me to come to your door to say something about it. Here is a little about myself. I do not do drugs, I do not like drugs, I do not drink alcohol, ever. Both of those actions hinder peoples decisions and and judgement. So, in fact, I would never knock on your door after smelling alcohol and marijuana to have a conversation with someone who is intoxicated and showing poor judgement. I do not understand your reasoning in this comment.
    I try to live a simple life, If I want to read a book in my apartment or watch a movie, I am entitled to some peace and quiet to do so. I am also entitled to sleep at a decent hour without load music and noises hindering this.
    In regards to paying rent, that does not entitle you to have an arrogant attitude about living where you live nor does it give you carte blanche to have free reign over a building that other people reside in.
    Your most insulting comment about sophistication and race contradicts itself to a point where I am astounded. I have many friends, family and colleagues that come from all walks of life. If you want to see an example of what a “sophisticated Black man” looks like, you can refer to my brother-in-law who is the editor in chief of a top magazine that you will never work for, and my boss, who is the CEO of the company I work for. Both have families and do not throw parties or consume vast amounts of marijuana and alcohol either. I’m sure they are losers too in your book because of this. Please tell me where you think race plays a part in this conversation, because it is a very powerful claim and sensitive subject to mention when it has no weight in this argument. “Guessing I’m intimidated” by that specific fact is an unfair and extremely inaccurate accusation that I will not tolerate.
    I am an artist too by the way, maybe I’m a different type of artist that doesn’t need to constantly celebrate myself or intoxicate myself to prove that to myself. That may be the only difference between you and I.
    All I know is that I have a right to peace and quiet in my habitat, and although nobody is inherently entitled to the respect of their neighbor, your lack of respect to my proximate surroundings have made me unwelcome in my own home.

  10. LOL…*slow clap for this verbose and utterly entertaining exchange between neighbors*
    You could’ve just instant messaged each other. lol.