Is Worth Street Next?

It sure looks that way. At last night’s meeting of Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee, during the discussion about 56 Leonard, Matt Viggiano (director of land use and planning for councilmember Margaret Chin) dropped a bombshell: Worth Street is getting below-grade reconstruction along the lines of the ones at Chambers and Hudson. (So the 56 Leonard folks better find a new way to get their trucks to the site.)

Let’s take a moment to wipe away the tears. Will it ever end?

Worth Street is funny in that it’s not on most people’s radar as a thoroughfare, but in the mornings, it’s jammed with traffic—particularly commuter buses—turning left off of W. Broadway and heading east to Broadway. Normally two-way (one lane for each direction), it has been cut to one lane west of Broadway for the conversion of 93 Worth into condominiums and was recently chewed up by the (Con Ed?) construction in front of the Chase branch at Church Street.

I emailed the DOT and the DDC for confirmation. I’ll update this when/if I hear back.

P.S. I just added a “Construction” category for this site. Should’ve done it long ago….

UPDATE: Thanks to Jen, who points out that the Worth Street reconstruction has long been in the works. The map she links to is quirky, to say the least, but I was able to pull up this:

UPDATE: And now this came in from the DDC: “Scope of work includes street reconstruction, trunk and distribution water mains replacement, sewer rehabilitation on Worth Street from Hudson Street to Park Row. The project is in final design and we expect to begin construction early 2014.”



  1. worth street has always been in the works. you have to scroll up on the project map link below:

    here is the link for everyone to check upcoming construction if they need it:

  2. @Jen: Thanks! Any other reconstruction projects you know of?

    @everyone: When you know more than I do, please don’t hesitate to share it.

  3. Tribeca continues to be one big loud , construction mess. It seems as though the sound of sirens, jackhammers, horns, etc are forever permeating. I’m getting kinda tired of it.

  4. Does anyone understand why these projects take so long? It seems like the Chambers St project has 2 or 3 guys working for a couple hours a day maybe 4 days per week. I understand it costs more to have more people work at once, but it seems like these things are being strung out. I bet someone is getting rich on these things. Is there any oversight?

  5. I think Jim Smiters is on the case