Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Top Chef Kitchen

••• Something appears to be happening to the old Carl’s Steaks space on Chambers. Papered windows = change. Add it to the list of questions….

••• I sneaked a peek into the Top Chef Kitchen pop-up (opening Tuesday in the old Centrico space) this morning. Looks rather nice! You can click on it for a better look. The chefs appearing there (see here for dates) will be Edward Lee, Mike Isabella, Tiffany Derry, Paul Qui, Tiffani Faison, Jennifer Carroll, Richard Blais, Grayson Schmitz, Antonia Lofaso, and Fabiano Viviani. I’m assuming if you watch the show you know who they are.

••• Capri Caffé’s Sole di Capri’s new phone number works! It’s 212-513-1113. I know because I went by to make sure I had the pronunciation right for the“Try-Beck-Uh” Pronunciation Guide, and they said it’s working. Amusingly, to me, I was right outside when I heard a guy say “Capri” in a confusing tone. Sure enough, he was looking for Capri Caffé. Yes, I helped him.

••• The NBC show “Infamous” (“A detective goes undercover in a wealthy family to solve a murder”) is shooting in the Broadway / Murray area tomorrow.

••• Scaffolding is going up on the two-story building at 403 Greenwich, which means demo is finally about to begin. What’s replacing it.

••• Pace University’s new dorm at 180 Broadway—with a Drybar in it—is moving along.



  1. Yes, papered windows usually mean something is up. Other recently papered retail spaces include the huge space at 75 Wall Street (facing Wall Street) and the big space at 95 Wall (formerly home of Boltons). The old Popeye’s on Chambers also is getting gutted.

  2. So Pace has become the NYU of Downtown, but no one seems to care much?