Seen & Heard: Costume Sale

••• Chris Muscarella of chefs-for-hire site Kitchensurfing—we met for coffee a few months back—sent over an update: “We have a very talented Cambodian chef, Lany, who’s a Tribeca resident. In addition to coming and doing awesome meals for people, she also opens her own Tribeca loft to others for dinner parties. Here’s a quick hit on her profile. Also, a couple of the lead butchers at Dickson’s Farmstand Meats are also Kitchensurfing chefs—bringing delicious meat to all who ask.”

••• Just in time for Halloween: Village Light Opera (at Church and Leonard) is having a costume sale on Oct. 21-22 and 27 from noon to 6 p.m.

••• Something called Lady Liberty seems to be opening at 393 Broadway, if the flier posted in the window is any indication. The flier also mentions “Batyam NYC” which pulls up nothing on Google. Prediction: gift shop.

••• Hionas Gallery is opening a 1,300-square-foot branch at 124 Forsyth.

••• “For lease” signs have appeared in the window of 379 Broadway, where the World Journal Book Store currently is.



  1. Who are the jerks that are currently filming on Staple Street between Jay and Hudson???? They lit up the whole street the whole night – with a blinking red light and the cast and crew were yelling and screaming for hours. Absolutely no consideration for residents – and then at 7am when they were tearing down the set – the crew was so loud with banging and power tools and constantly freaking yelling at each…. How are they allowed to do this at all hours of the night with no consideration for residents??????!

  2. Jay and Harrison

  3. No idea, but they are supposed to post a filming notice…

    When filming in a residential neighborhood or business district, proper notification is to be provided to each merchant or neighbor who is directly affected by the company (this includes parking, base camps and meal areas) at least 48 hours prior to filming. The filming notice should include:
     name of company
     name of production/phone number of production
     kind of production (e.g. feature film, TV pilot, commercial, etc.)
     type of activity, and duration (i.e., times, dates and number of days, including prep and strike)
     company contact (location manager, unit production manager) name and cell number

    You can always…

    Call the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (OFTB) by dialing 212-489-6710.