Seen & Heard: A New Kids’ Facility

••• A sponsored email from HRP Mamas this morning said that NY Kids Club is opening at 88 Leonard with “will feature two classrooms, a state-of-the-art gymnasium and a dance studio.”

••• If anyone buys the fresh peppercorns at All Good Things, I’d love to know what you did with them.

••• Westville Hudson‘s liquor license came in; they’ll start serving hooch as of tonight.

••• The TV show “Blue Bloods” is shooting all around the general Duane/W. Broadway area on Friday.

••• While I was chatting with Cass Lilien today, she told me about a client whose dog had recently died, so he commissioned her to make a bracelet from the dog’s leather collar. Now somebody bring me a tissue.

••• Looks like work is indeed starting at the “Jenga Building” at 56 Leonard.



  1. Lots of good info on what to do with them in this recent NYT article

  2. I eat them with organic yogourt, i cook fish with them, i eat them raw at all times. it feels good.