In the News: Corbin Building Revealed

••• The other day, Curbed said the façade restoration of the Corbin Building on Broadway was done, but it didn’t have a photo, so I went over in the rain. It still looked covered up to me—but that’s because I didn’t go around the corner onto John. Doh! I went today. P.S. While I was taking these photos, under the sidewalk shed for the mediocre Pace dorm going up at 180 Broadway, something really heavy dropped on the shed right above me, and debris rained down. So I only took two photos because I got the hell out of there. (Click the close-up photo for a sense of why anyone cares.)

••• “A dreary block of Washington Street, just south of the 9/11 Memorial, is about to get a makeover. The city hopes to alleviate pedestrian congestion in the area by creating a public plaza with granite blocks, tables, chairs, planters, and an information kiosk staffed by the Downtown Alliance.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “As it turns out, Bottoms Up at Tribeca Grand is not done (as previously reported). There was a party in the space earlier tonight.” —@NYNightlife

••• “Between 2000 and 2010, the Census Bureau reported last month, the population within a two-mile radius of City Hall ballooned by nearly 40,000 people. A separate analysis for the Downtown Alliance, a coalition of property owners, released on Friday, concluded that neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey within a 30-minute commute of downtown experienced an increase in the population of young, educated workers.” It’s a bit of a leap to the notion that they live within 30 minutes of Lower Manhattan because of Lower Manhattan. —New York Times

••• “Four students were taken into custody at Murry Bergtraum High School in connection with an attempted arson, officials said. A school safety officer noticed two boys and two girls about noon exiting a classroom after trying to set a text book on fire.” —DNAinfo


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  1. Re the Corbin: just walked by it today; don’t you think the window frames look like plastic? It’s all shiny and doesn’t have any warmth. Is there a protective coating on it that’s going to come off, maybe?