Seen & Heard: First Look at the New Federal Plaza

••• The 30-story residential building at Nassau and Ann is making its way up. The photo at top is the Nassau side; the one at right is the Ann side. Love how the rendering here makes it look like it’s on a plaza or something.

••• About tomorrow’s Asphalt Green meeting: “We want to make sure that people don’t think we are having a rally tomorrow—Sunday, October 23. We are having an information session for frustrated residents who just want Asphalt Green to open already. It’s at 10 a.m. on the Terrace overlooking the ball fields, just behind Asphalt Green. If we can unite the voices of frustrated residents who want the use of the center, we will be heard by the state and city authorities. It’s really important that local residents come out and hear what the delays are really about. If people can’t make it out, they can take action by doing one of the following:

1. SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION: “Battery Park City Authority—Give Asphalt Green Battery Park Permit to Open”
2. Attend Battery Park City Authority’s meeting of Directors on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 10 a.m.; One World Financial Center, 24th floor.
3. Attend the Community Board 1 (CB1) meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m.; South Street Seaport Museum, 5th floor.

••• The new TV show “666 Park Ave.” is shooting in the Church/Duane area on Monday.

••• I was tickled to see that you can now see the plaza part of Federal Plaza—it’s been hidden behind construction fencing forever. The photos start from western Worth Street and move east, around the corner onto Lafayette. The last image gives a sense of the final design. (I think the structure in the first photo is an information booth, or maybe a gazebo?) I had to stand on those traffic barrier things to take some of them—it’s a miracle I didn’t end up in front of a bus (or arrested).



  1. 113 Nassau IS on some sort of plaza. There is an large open area directly to the north of the building. Based on the renderings it looks like tere are no windows facing this lot up to the 6th floor which implies that they do not own that space. More to come.

  2. I believe Luis V. is correct I understand there is a 37 story building being build next to 113 nassau.