In the News: Asphalt Green Contract Changes

••• Details on what changed in the Asphalt Green/Battery Park City Authority agreement, from the Wall Street Journal: “The amendment, which will require final approval by the board and Asphalt Green, is to include ‘clearly defined shared access’ for Asphalt Green to use the ball fields along West Street, which abut the $55 million community center facility, said authority spokesman Matthew Monahan. It will also include changes to ‘the profit-sharing structure’ between the authority and Asphalt Green, as well as center discounts for some Battery Park City residents, he said. Under the existing contract, the authority pays for the center’s construction and maintenance, with any eventual profits to be split 60-40 between the authority and Asphalt Green, which is based on the Upper East Side. The amended contract ‘has economic terms more favorable to the authority, as these are public dollars,’ according to Mr. Monahan. He said the exact terms of the agreement ‘are coming into focus in the very near future.'”

••• The new president of the Battery Park City Authority is “Demetrios A. Boutris, 51, a California-based business consultant and real estate investor who, according to a statement from the Authority, is giving up his business interests to take the job. Boutris, a lawyer, will also serve as the Authority’s Chief Operating Officer. […] Asked after the meeting about his familiarity with Battery Park City, he said, ‘I’ve walked it maybe 20 times.'” —Tribeca Trib

••• Brushstroke is selling beautiful bento boxes of sushi to go. The fine print at the end of the New York Times blurb: “Brushstroke bento boxes are $59 each and serve two people. They must be ordered at least three days ahead for pick up at the restaurant [….] They are available through mid-December, from January to June and again in mid-September. Delivery is free in Tribeca for five or more boxes, otherwise, $25. For 10 or more boxes, delivery is free up to 110th Street; for fewer than 10, the delivery fee is negotiable.”

••• A new version of the Twinkie defense: “Minutes after allegedly beating, stripping and raping a 21-year-old actress in Hudson River Park in Tribeca, a suspect claimed he was zonked on Four Loko drinks and asked cops, ‘Did I do something wrong? Because I don’t remember.'” —New York Post

••• “It all started at about 10:30 a.m. when I and five other shutterbugs”—editors! where are you?!—”waited outside a Tribeca hotel where Crowe is staying. The first thing I noticed was the empty bike rack on the actor’s truck parked outside. I soon learned why the rack was empty. The double front doors of the hotel flew open and Crowe and his bodyguard dramatically shot out on mountain bike and headed south on Greenwich St. I jumped on my bike and was in hot pursuit of Crowe, who was wearing a helmet, sunglasses, sweat pants and a light blue windbreaker.” Almost eight miles later, they hugged. None of this answers why anyone bothers chasing Russell Crowe these days. —New York Daily News

••• “The Port Authority has settled a dispute with a Canadian company that it had accused of holding the steel for the new WTC’s massive antenna ‘hostage.'” —New York Post

••• “Battery Rooftop Garden is [a blog] about growing food way up high—35 floors above New York harbor.” —Manhattan User’s Guide



  1. 3 days for a bento box sure requires a lot of planning. Even Rosanjin only requires 24 hrs notice. Probably for the better or I’d spend all my lunch money on this and never leave my apartment again.

  2. So it seems that DLL, DSL and Manhattan Youth actually did have a stake in the agreement that BPCA came to with Asphalt Green and that the fields are part of the deal.

  3. Also, I was surprised to learn during this process that Downtown Little League and Downtown Baseball League are both for profit companies. I assumed they were both not-for-profit since they have “sponsors” and the parents coach, etc.

  4. Both the Downtown Little League and the Downtown Soccer League are in fact “Not-for-Profits”
    Any comments to the contrary are purely misleading.
    Both leagues provide low cost recreational sports opportunities to our neighborhood children as a result of the massive amount of time devoted by volunteers and the financial support from neighborhood sponsors.