Bread Tribeca Is Moving

The “store for rent” sign at Bread Tribeca means what you’re thinking—the restaurant’s last day in that location will be Nov. 21. But there’s good news: According to the gentleman I spoke with, it’s moving “a couple of blocks down Church.” (No idea how long people will have to go without.) I count three possibilities….

281 Church (at White)
Pro: The White & Church feels a lot like the current Bread.
Con: It’s one block down Church. And White & Church is still operating….

277 Church (between White and Franklin)
Pro: The old TriBeCafe/Ristorante Aglio space is a bit farther down Church, and being mostly interior, it’s probably cheaper than Bread’s current location.
Con: Could Bread really trade a light-filled, airy corner space for a mid-block cave?

257 Church (at Franklin)
Pro: It’s a couple of blocks down Church, it’s a corner, and it’s vented.
Con: None I can see, unless it’s much larger than the current Bread Tribeca space.

Speaking of which: The current Bread Tribeca space is one of the neighborhood’s best. Let’s hope someone good snaps it up.



  1. WOW that’s surprising! hope they find a good new home, and agree, love their current space, curious to see what takes it’s place!

  2. This is disappointing. I have memories of going there with many friends.

  3. Any updates on their new spot?