In the News: Huge “SEAPORT” Sign Approved

••• The Landmarks Preservation Commission unanimously approved the Howard Hughes Corporation’s plan for a 90-foot-long, Brooklyn-facing sign on Pier 17 that says “SOUVENIRS” “SEAPORT,” even though CB1’s Landmarks Committee harshed on the idea. The Tribeca Trib is concerned that visitors to the Seaport won’t understand that the sign is backward. Also: “There is also the matter of how commercial tenants will announce themselves on the mall building [….] Hughes presented plans to place 32 vertical ‘blade’ signs, each 32-feet high and mounted on the second floor of the north and south sides of the building. […] The Landmarks Commission approved the signs—glass panels with opaque letters mounted directly to the glass—on the condition that there would be only one per tenant.” Rendering courtesy SHoP Architects.

••• Property Shark disputes Forbes (which anyone should these days): “According to our data, the priciest zip code in New York City is in fact Tribeca’s 10013 with a median sale price of $2.5 million (coops included). Number 2 on the list is 10007, another Tribeca zip code.”

••• “Condé Nast Scion Si Newhouse IV Sells Tribeca Loft [at 55 N. Moore] for $2.7 M.” —New York Observer

••• [Item about the Gateway Plaza dog contretemps removed at the request of the “news source.”]

••• “Trinity Closes Bathrooms at St. Paul’s Chapel to Prevent OWS ‘Vandalism.'” —DNAinfo

••• “Already a Manhattan Loft Guy fave building, the newest sale there is an apparently private, possibly arm’s length deal transferring the ‘1,793 sq ft’ Manhattan loft #16C at 150 Nassau Street from an Inc. to an LLC for $1.7mm. This is a ‘[n]o listing associated with this closing’ on StreetEasy, nor is there any information in our system. Fascinating stuff, for among other reasons that this is the second private sale in this price range in the not-really-FiDi-but-what-else-are-you-going-to-call-it building (GehryVille?) in the last year.” My partner always thought it should be called CiHa, after City Hall…. —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “WXY Architecture + Urban Design has granted New York Magazine an exclusive preview of some of the proposed plans […] to transform the East River shoreline from the Brooklyn Bridge to 38th Street into a more accessible ‘Blueway.’ […] One idea is to equip the two-and-a-half-block stretch from Market Slip south to the Brooklyn Bridge with three new piers [see first image below] for fishing and recreation. Stairs from the southern pier will lead to the sandy beach under the bridge. There are also plans to create freshwater wetlands that will filter oil and detritus before releasing the cleansed water to the saltwater marshes below them.  […] A wading pool surrounded by a deck area [see second image] is planned immediately south of the Brooklyn Bridge: the perfect spot for sunbathing while sipping a drink from a new concession stand.” Renderings courtesy of WXY Architecture + Urban Design.



  1. Well if theNEWPier 17 “Historic” glass box isn’t a throw back to the 1800s I’ll eat my hat.

    I give the place 2 years from grand opening to crash & burn when HHC wakes up and figures out you can’t charge a tenant 300psf to sell apples, even if the elite want organic.

    I want the glass cleaning contract, that will be the only guy making money in this eyesore.

  2. See above

  3. while its nowhere near as nice as the previous, mixed use design for the pier (also by SHoP architects), it seems to be a vast improvement on what is there now (even though it will, sadly, still just be a shopping mall). Looking forward to catching a show on that roof though.