Tribeca in the 1980s

A couple of months ago, I asked readers for old photos of Tribeca—and several of you responded. I’ve been meaning to ask again before posting them—and I promise I will follow up on that—but then I saw on Twitter that Yvonne Babineaux had uploaded a batch of vintage Tribeca photos on Flickr. “The pics are from between 1983 and 1990,” she emailed after I begged for her permission to run them here. “Most were probably taken in 1988, because some of them have a stamp on the back from the developer. They’re no later than 1991, because I moved away then.” When I asked if she lived in Tribeca at the time, she said that she grew up in the Bronx, before moving to Hells Kitchen and then the East Village, and now she lives upstate. “I kinda had loads of time back then. I didn’t have a job—well, not any real type of job to tie me down.”

Click on each photo below to enlarge it. You’ll also see any location information that Yvonne (or I) came up with. (I had to allow the photos to be slightly too big for the page—a long way of saying I know it looks crappy but it’s worth it.) If you know where a photo was shot, send me the details (including the photo title) at Actually, you can also comment on the photo, too.

And do send any old photos you might have!

And thanks again, Yvonne! I guarantee that you’ll have tickled many folks’ fancy around here.

P.S. Can you believe how empty it was?

P.P.S. Maybe I’ll work up a few then-and-now comparisons…. Stay tuned….

UPDATE from 2020! T. wrote to say #12 is 3 Great Jones Street.



  1. Anyone remember la vita pizzeria at the corner of west and vestry ? Next to ponte restaurant .