In the News: More on Cortlandt Way

••• The New York Times has some background on Cortlandt Way, one more bit of the area to be turned into a mall.

••• Ligaya Mishan of the New York Times favorably reviews Cómodo, and I’m thrilled for Felipe Donnelly and Tamy Rofe. But I’m also a little miffed that the “chicken incident” Mishan mentions wasn’t sourced. Come on, honey, throw a dog a link, would you?

••• “The public programs director for the National Archives’ New York City branch, [Dorothy] Dougherty [guided] The Observer through a tour of the U.S. record keeper’s new home downtown, inside the Alexander Hamilton Customs House on Bowling Green. Downstairs, curators have put on an exhibit titled The World’s Port, highlighting the various documents and records of New York Harbor.”

••• “In what seems like a new record for the shortest amount of time it takes a new lunch place to go from papered up windows to serving food, the Lenny’s sandwich shop on Water St. (btw. Coenties & Broad) was open for business yesterday when I walked by, and full of people.” —Downtown Lunch


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  1. I loved that she chose the chicken incident! Too much fun.