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Adam and I have decided to ride the storm out in the country—the thought of walking the pug in a storm surge pushed us over the edge—so please send in your photos, videos, observations, and news to, and I’ll post it here in a timeline. (Unless we lose power….) I’ll also be retweeting like mad; you can read the tweets even if you don’t have a twitter account. Last year’s storm tweets were a kick. Let’s hope Sandy is as locally anticlimactic as Irene was.

P.S. Stay safe!


2:13 p.m.:

MONDAY 8:05 a.m.

Please send updates on who’s open to!

Who’s open today (if you see otherwise, let me know): Barry’s Bootcamp (tonight’s classes are canceled), Kaffe 1668, Hudson Market (a.k.a. Picnic Basket, Jin Market), Duane Park Patisserie, Cosmopolitan Café (“PS: anybody elderly/with special needs feel free to contact us”), Duane Reade, Frankly Wines (11 a.m.–1 p.m. or 2 p.m.), Babesta (by arrangement; call 646-290-5508), ROC (definitely for lunch and maybe for dinner), Laughing Man, Financier (Stone Street and Liberty Street locations, “for now”), Maslow 6 Wine Shop (11 a.m.– 1 p.m.), Morgan’s Market, Kings Pharmacy, Equinox, Chambers Street Wines (“till around 5 p.m.—maybe”), Maxwell’s (“opening at noon for drinks and will be open as long as possible as the weather permits”), Amish Market, Ward III (“We’ll be open after the storm surge. 7 or 8pm, depending”), Reade Street Pub & Kitchen, Reade Street Animal Hospital, Gee Whiz Diner. NOTE: Many are closing as the day goes on.

Who’s closed today: Whole Foods, SoulCycle, Starbucks, Euphoria Spa, Barnes & Noble, Spot, Flor de Sol, Wichcraft, Sarabeth’s, R 20th Century, Battery Place Market (both locations), Tent & Trails, City Hall restaurant, Locanda Verde, Bubby’s, Takahachi Bakery, Rosanjin, Harry’s Italian, Polarn O. Pyret, Maslow 6 Wine Bar, The Palm Tribeca, MaxDelivery, Kutsher’s Tribeca, Max, Jerry’s Café, New York Vintners, Brandy Library, Food Emporium, Viet Café, MaryAnn’s, Benvenuto, The Harrison, Kidville, Dylan Prime, Canis Minor, Woodrow’s (open tomorrow), Tre Sorelle, Churrascaria Tribeca, By Joy Gryson, Lole, Adeline Adeline, Tribeca Tap House, Greenwich Grill, Sushi Azabu, All Good Things, Landmarc, Estancia 460, Weather Up Tribeca, The Harrison, Brushstroke, Thalassa, Bouley, Sweet Lily, Shoofly, Gigino, M1-5, Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs, Vestry Wines, Edward’s

10:34 a.m: Some photos and a video came in. These are from Andrea:

These are from Dave:

From Mitch:

From Michael:

From Peter:

From Raymond (is Goldman Sachs trying to corner the sandbag market?):

11:10 a.m.: This just in from Notify NYC: “The Holland Tunnel and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will be closing today at 2 PM.There is no estimated time for reopening.”

Video from Asaf:

12:06 p.m.: Apologies once again to the shops and restaurants I emailed today for forgetting to use bcc—I was mortified when I realized it. A photo from Raul:

12:09 p.m.: City schools will be closed Tuesday too.

1:35 p.m.: From Tommy:

Another one from Raymond:

3 p.m.: From Andrea, who said, “Ignore the picture. It’s the sound that I want you to hear. It’s a strange humming or whining. It’s only been a few hours but we’re almost insane. Any ideas?” (Christy Frank at Frankly Wines said it’s the wind whistling through the top floors of 1WTC.)

3:16 p.m.: From Jonathan (it’s a stop sign uprooted by the wind):

3:34 p.m.: Fox 5 is reporting that Con Ed will turn off most power in Battery Park City. The FiDi Fan Page on Facebook said, “Many FiDi bldgs having power shut off preemptively in next 2 hrs; even bldgs in Zone C. Do what you need to before it’s” And Tribeca Trib tweeted that Con Ed is reporting a “‘Strong possibility’ of power outage at Tribeca’s Independence Plaza, with no electric, hot water for 48-96 hours.”

4:16 p.m.: From Humberto—the netting on 1WTC is ripped to shreds and a tree on Greenwich came down.

4:19 p.m.: Greg James tweeted that “Scaffolding mostly down on Broadway just below Canal at Starbucks. Fire and police on scene closing BWay just south Canal”

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  1. Thinking of you two … we also are out east and going to ride it out here.
    See you when all safe. xo

  2. Gee whiz is open!

  3. Wind is picking up here at Greenwich/Murray

  4. Thanks for these pics etc. We evacuated but very curious to see what’s happening down there.

  5. The mystery sound you hear is wind through steel girders of unfinished buildings. The WTC sounds like an army of whistling robots.

  6. Power is out in north TriBeCa.

  7. And south TriBeCa (reade/hudson)

  8. Is there flooding on Greenwich and franklin? I am out of town but would like to know happening there.

  9. Ironically, fled to FL to escape the hurricane but would love to know how Barclay and Church area fared, if anyone has news or pictures. Be safe everyone, thanks!

  10. Does anyone know if the flooding went passed Greenwich?

  11. i have talked to neighbors at hudson and vestry and at the north Moore garage. seems TriBeCa held up well except for power loss and some west street flooding, though pretty far south. I’m happily stuck in la.

  12. does anybody know if liberty green or liberty luxe currently have power?

  13. Flooding east past Greenwich. In response to the question. Washington street hit a high of 3′ water at street level

  14. Whole Foods said to be open selling limited food. And Ward III just tweeted they’re open with limited options

  15. Torly Kid is pushing for Halloween trick or treating tomorrow 12-3 and Frankly Wines said they’re in. Let’s do it, folks!

  16. Halloween trick or treating tomorrow (Wed) from noon to 3pm at Torly Kid, Frankly Wines, and Duane Park Patisserie. Who else is in?

  17. From Bubby’s: @bubbys: Bubby’s will reopen tomorrow (Wed) morning at 8am with pancakes and coffee! Limited menu for the rest of the day. Come see us!

  18. Jeff, unless those buildings have some kind of private generator, those buildings do NOT have power. Power is out for all of Manhattan south of 39th Street on the east side, and south of 31st Street on the West. I walked up to the UWS today and it’s hopping up there. It was soooooo dark downtown last night.

  19. The NYT said that BPC has power

  20. I never lost power in BPC and I live in the Gateway 200 bldg. our grocery store and pharmacy and liquor store were open today. It was like nothing happened.

  21. A ‘roll call’ on who has power would be great. Please weigh in if you have it now….or when you get it. Thanks!

  22. Stuck in a hotel in midtown with child and puppy. Can’t get into our apt at indep plaza 32 floor til election goes on. Would love a shout if anyone notices if it gets electricity.

  23. *electricity goes on. Not election. Haha

  24. Late last night I read an article that says people are shopping by flashlight at Amish Market on West Broadway and Park Place. Also, Equinox at 50 Murray is closed. So, sounds like no lights in that area.

  25. Hi– Church Street Kitchen (between Duane and Reade) opened up on Tuesday around noon as quick as we could get there. We were open this morning by 6AM. We have hot coffee and our grill is working. We have ice and kept our foods at home last night, refrigerated. Serving breakfast, lunch and beyond. Be well, neighbors.

  26. Please keep posting what’s available downtown. this has been a good source for info for those of us stil here.

  27. Posting stuff that’s open today (Wed) at

    New additions: Shake Shack and Harry’s Italian said to be opening for lunch. Food trucks on Wall St (with chargers for phones).

    If you see stuff open, comment here, email and/or tweet @tribecacitizen

  28. Edwards is serving lunch for free all afternoon until food runs out!

  29. @tribecacitizen: Kula Yoga (no power):
    W 1pm JenG
    Th 11am Jillian 2pm JenG
    Fri 11am Marisa 2pm Schuyler
    Sa 11am Ariel 2pm Jillian
    Su 11am Marisa 2pm Aarona

  30. Priorities, priorities… candy, yoga and wine… SIGH…

  31. North End Grill opening 4pm. Wei West and Beans and Greens open

  32. Gotham Bikes is open and so is Portobello Pizza on Murray

  33. Dirty Bird open till 6pm. Maxwells open for a few hours. Inatteso open

  34. Ok, dumb question. Do all these openings mean power is coming back or that the generator fairy visited the neighborhood?

    Please keep posting….its a good source for those of us not there, too. Thanks and be safe everyone!

  35. @mb: guessing that restos have gas so they can cook but not elec so they need to use up stuff in fridge. Btw Edwards says it’s out of food and will try to open bar tomorrow

  36. The Harrison is opening tonight (so is Barbuto).

  37. From Mehtaphor: “Mehtaphor is open for dinner at 5:30PM! Charge your iPads AND yummy trick or treats! 130 Duane Street”

  38. “Tinys and the bar upstairs is open for drinks tonight and will be open tomorrow at noon…”

  39. From Bubbys: “Bubbys is open a serving limited menu for the time being… We are playing it by ear until the power returns.”

  40. Warren 77 seems to be open

  41. “Gigino is open for pizza and salad. Stay or to go.
    Gigino Wagner Park is open as usual, and we deliver!”

  42. Tribeca Greennarket will be open tomorrow (thurs) with 2 bakery vendors (couldnt get approval in time to get produce. And from Boomerang Toys: “We will be open in BPC tomorrow and will try to open Tribeca store at 11 tomorrow. We won’t have power but will try to stay open as long as we have some daylight.”

  43. Des anyone know if the Smyth hotel is open?

  44. Whole Foods opening at 830am (“with some limits”)

  45. A neighbor just told me there’s a charging station set up near the Ritz Carlton, and they’re also giving away batteries.

  46. I think the south part of BPC is up and running except for one building in gateway. Both grocery stores and the deli, pharmacy, as well as the pharmacy in the WFC are up. Power came on in the Greenwich South area yesterday afternoon as I was walking around there; all of a sudden there were functioning traffic lights.

  47. Does anyone know if Amish Market or 50 Murray have power?