Sandy’s Aftermath

I’m still up in Connecticut, where our power was just restored. I’m sorry I couldn’t be in the area to report firsthand, and yet not at all. (Well, it’s true! I have a 21-pound dog who I’d have to carry up and down seven flights at least four times a day!) But thanks to everyone who sent in news, which I tried to add to the Share Your Sandy post and to Tribeca Citizen’s Twitter page (still the best place to get updates on which local businesses are open—North End Grill, for instance, is opening tonight, and Gotham Bikes is open, which may prove handy if the subways in Lower Manhattan don’t get fixed soon).

Here are a few updates that have come in, along with photos from during and after the storm, and a few other notes. (I may have tweeted some of this already—it’s getting hard to keep track.)

If you get power back, please comment on this post—and include your address or at least your block. It’ll be helpful to those who live or work nearby.

From South Street Seaport Museum: “The South Street Seaport Museum today reported that its seven vessels docked at the South Street Seaport suffered no damage during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy this week.”

From Peter: “I just wanted to drop a line that yesterday, the Conrad Hotel let my fiancee and I charge our phones and use the restrooms. No reason other than good human spirit to do so.”

From Atul: “we made the unlucky move to evacuate BPC and move to the Parker Meridien only to be evacuated last night due to the crane [at One57]. We saw a few other families from the hood checking in on Sunday. Hope they all found a safe place to stay. Midtown (other than the crane) has gone relatively unscathed vs. lower Manhattan.”

Click to enlarge…. The one of a piece of metal is there because the wind blew the six-foot-sheet onto a terrace.



  1. I guess nobody has power back yet. Certainly not in our building next to city hall park.

  2. From Craig at Cosmopolitan Café: “could you please let your readers know that we are open 95 WEST BROADWAY. We have pancakes breakfast and French toast. – COFFEE IS FREE”

  3. Surprisingly, 41 River Terrace (Tribeca Pointe) never lost power.

  4. All buildings in Northern BPC never lost power.

  5. Has anyone heard any updates re power in northern TriBeCa? Preferably from a coned rep/worker?

  6. Coned is being surprisingly responsive to tweets…. recommend tweeting them to ask about your areas. they are at

  7. A ConEd spokesman just said on 1010 WINS that they hope/expect to get power back to lower manhattan sometime today (he couldn’t be more specific). For what it’s worth…

  8. @JF: Compared to “by 11 p.m. Saturday,” it’s worth a lot.

  9. For those of us staying in relatively unaffected areas, is there anything people need that we can bring when we return? Stores around me are fully stocked and getting deliveries.