Self-Improvement on Murray Street

Cheryl Cohen of Trend Setter Real Estate shared what’s coming to 55 Murray: A DeRose Method studio with classes on yoga, nutrition, and more. The movement/brand, with locations worldwide, was founded by one Professor DeRose (no last name). That’s him above. A Soho location is listed on the U.K. website, but the phone number “isn’t accepting calls at this time.” Wait, here’s a website for DeRose Method Soho—with a studio in the Flatiron? A nice man answered the phone listed there, and he said the Soho/Flatiron location isn’t moving; the Tribeca location is a new one opened by “a colleague.”

UPDATE: I just heard from Fabio Martins, owner of DeRose Method Tribeca. He said this is a more accurate portrayal of what’s coming to 55 Murray:

The DeRose Method is a combination of techniques and concepts which helps individuals reach their peak performance in their work, in their studies, in their sports and their lives.

The DeRose Method is an international network with schools in Paris, London, Roma, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lisboa, Porto, Rio, São Paulo and now in New York City. The network was founded by Professor DeRose and their are specialized in premium lifestyle consulting which  teaches its practitioners how to reach their highest performance, to live in a less complicated way even how this could lead to achieving self fulfilment.

The school is scheduled to hold an opening event on the 2nd of January.

The DeRose Method sounds all-encompassing focusing on:
• greater quality of life
• civility
• good relationships
• good nutrition
• culture
• respiratory re-education
• stress management
• organic body techniques
• muscle tone
• flexibility
• concentration and meditation
• a final goal of self-awareness.

Benefits? No! These are consequences of a lifestyle proposed and taught to thousands around the world by the DeRose Method. If you want to learn more you can visit the website of their sister school in the Flat Iron area:

UPDATE #2: Fabio is concerned that the initial text from the UK DeRose site is misleading. Here’s his explanation:

The problem is that the UK does things which we will not do. Their website reflect a school which is associated to the DeRose Method but it does not have the Network’s Quality Certification, whilst our TriBeCa school has. This means we are different classes of businesses and we, in effect, deliver different things. Therefore, using their material would not reflect accurately what we do. Our offer is much more in line with what is being done in the USA by our colleagues at Flat Iron, such as!About and!Method
As you can see there is a big difference between these two.


  1. Finally a school of that amazing work in TriBeCa :) I really recommend this work!

  2. My lifestyle has increased since I started learning about DeRose Method. It improves your body but also your mind AND you get to meet so many positive people! I definitely recommend it and can’t wait to go to the TriBeCa school when I visit NY :)

  3. A great addition to Tribeca – New York. Welcome DeRose Method Tribeca!

  4. Great Method! Great People!
    You can’t miss DeRose Method Tribeca!

  5. Great news. I definitely recommend the DeRose Method. Can’t wait to see this school in Tribeca!

  6. The best school of high quality of life now in TriBeCa.
    I strongly recommend!!!!

  7. I’m glad US will have a DeRose Method school too!

  8. It will be so cool! TriBeCa is a must in every way :)

  9. Now I will have some other school to practise when travelling to NYC. Thank you all for your amazing work. I wish all the sucess for this brand new school.

  10. Fabio Martins is not only a great guy, but he’s also a great teacher! He is teaching me the techniques and I can honestly say that there is no better way for me to perform better!

    I’m happy for the people in Tribeca (and around) that they have an opportunity now to visit a DeRose Method school. Thanks to DeRose I can push myself to do world class laptimes in virtual and real racing without any fear or loss of focus! Thank you!

    Another reason for me to visit the East Coast soon :)

  11. The DeRose Method school in Tribeca will be amazing!

  12. This is incredibly exciting news. The DeRose Method is one of the most powerful and positive additions to my life. Thrilled to see another location added to the NYC scene. Absolutely thrilled. This will be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood and the city.

  13. Amazing Method, amazing people. I’am very happy to know that there is one more school in NYC ! I really recommend this work!

  14. Marvellous,

    I am glad that DeRose Method is just about to start in US. Great news!

  15. Wow! Now high performance in Tribeca!

  16. These comments are making me think that this is a cult!

  17. Nice! :)

  18. @ KP : shill alert ! frankly, how likely does this looks ?
    besides, SO not appropriate given the circumstances… :(

  19. @MVR: To be fair, the awkward timing is my fault, in that I thought Tribeca might be ready to read about something else. I don’t think they’re shills—what happened most likely is that someone from DeRose sent out word about the post (I saw one mention on Twitter), and the methods fans/users/followers are commenting. They weren’t necessarily asked to do so.

  20. Great!

    Now, Tribeca citizens can trully work on improving their lifestyle with the amazing DeRose Method!

    A “must try”! You won’t regret it!

    Highly recommended!

  21. If you are looking for something new, strong and good, go to DeRose Method TriBeCa.

  22. Looking forward to have another location in Manhattan! Can’t wait!

  23. Great great great! What a happy news. I’m waiting to visit the Tribeca DeRose Method Schooll!

  24. The DeRose Method school in Tribeca.

  25. DeRose Method definitely changed my life……what a great news!

  26. Love, love, love the DeRose Method. It taught me how to toooootally not focus on what is happening in reality, be it storm damage or no half & half. It taught me that flexibility and respiratory re-education can overcome any natural disaster regardless of how insensitive it makes me seem to my neighbors. It’s almost like when people want to re-schedule Halloween instead of collecting food, clothing, water at PS 234’s playground and getting Julie Menin to get everyone to hold hands and pass it all down the line until it gets to the outer boroughs. CB1 could even make t-shirts, if only they could agree on 100% cotton vs. a 50/50 cotton poly blend.

  27. the DeRose Method is a fanstastic way for improving the knowlegde of yourself. It’s very rewarding and i love it.
    Congratulations NYC and Tribeca

  28. That’s great news!! Congratulations Tribeca and New York by winning a fantastic method.

  29. Don’t they all sound like they were written by the same person?

  30. even if they are sincere, it just sounds so odd… it’s twitter maddness descending on our very intimate comment page…

    But they are welcome, as all new businesses are welcome, and I hope they do well (in a non cult, non judgmental way)