Sandy: What’s Open Friday

From Erin: “A special thank you to The Harrison. My husband, son, and I had a beautiful dinner there on Halloween. They had a limited but delicious menu. It was a really nice treat to be out in our neighborhood in spite of the darkness.”

Reasons to go out:
1) It’s a good idea to get around other people.
2) It creates a sense of neighborhood—which helps with security.
3) Support local businesses!

I’ve emailed my list of shops and restaurants again, but I can’t assume they’ll respond soon (or at all). So IF YOU SEE SOMETHING OPEN PLEASE EMAIL ME at or text me at 917-209-6473.

Here’s what was open yesterday, and I’ll update it as I hear back.

• Most everything in Battery Park City is open, including the World Financial Center and the restaurants in Goldman Alley. This came in re: North End Grill: “Fully open but phone/email/@OpenTable down pls just show up!”


• Bubby’s: “Pay what you like? Can? Limited: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes… Roast chicken lunch and dinner. And we’re trying to figure out where to get 4-6 gallons of gas for our generator… Fun times!”

Cosmopolitan Café: On the W. Broadway side.

• Duane Park Patisserie: “We’re having a hurricane sale! Half price on cookies and brownies, which is all we have to sell. No coffee, (no power). Open till dusk.”

• Edwards: “Bar only”—but yesterday Edward said he closed at 4 p.m. because business was slow.

Gigino: “Gigino Trattoria is open till dark, with pizza, salads and some pasta to stay or to go. Gigino Wagner park open as usual and making deliveries.”

Baluchi’s: “We will be serving great food today and everyday till we get electricity!”

Ivy’s Bistro: “12-8 bar & food.”

Tribeca Grand: “We are open to locals and customers. Hot water will be back within the hour at all Grand properties! The lounge, restaurant, and bars are open at the Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand staring tonight for locals and hotel guests only! We have free wi-fi and DJs.”

• Cafe Noir: For drinks, limited food menu, and phone-charging (via generator).”

• Ward III

• Weather Up Tribeca: (It was open last night)

Sole di Capri: “Offering a limited menu.”

Macao Trading Co: “Bar only. Cash only.”

Reade Street Pub & Kitchen: “At 4 p.m. Candles and beers”

Mehtaphor: “Dinner from 4:30 to 9 p.m. serving a limited, but delicious menu

The Hideaway: “Open for drunks/cash only!” [I liked the typo enough to leave it.]

Tribeca Tavern: Open for drinks.

Laughing Man: “Fully operational in BPC; Duane Street drip coffee and pastries only. Cash only both places.”

Takahachi Bakery: “Serving coffee, tea and some cookies bet 10:30am-4:30pm. Hot soup and some other hot foods will be serve 12-2pm.”

@waffletruck: “Free food at City Hall Park from 3 to 6 PM.”

George’s Restaurant (89 Greenwich at Rector) and Masterpiece Pizza (2 Rector on Greenwich) are back in business and open. Phone lines are still down, but delivery from both is available through”

Lilly O’Brien’s on Murray: Free lunch for customers.

City Winery: Free movies with food and drink for purchase; charge your gear too. 12:30pm School of Rock; 3pm When Harry Met Sally; 5pm Sidewalks of New York; 7:30pm Manhattan;  9:30pm Taxi Driver

Dakota Roadhouse


Whole Foods. Now accepting credit cards.

Kings Pharmacy

Hudson Square Pharmacy: 10am to 4pm

Frankly Wines: “11 until 4. Later of the lights go on. Will be accepting cash and credit cards”

Gotham Bikes

Torly Kid: “11 a.m. to 3 p.m. till electricity comes back. Selling hats, gloves, scarves & non electric activities! We have set up a table on the sidewalk.”

Playing Mantis

• Century 21

Tent & Trails

Maslow 6 shop: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Tribeca Paint: “We will be open by 11:30 this morning. We will have flashlights and batteries”

The liquor store next to Cornerstone on Greenwich

• From a reader: “There’s a charging station set up near the Ritz-Carlton, and they’re also giving away batteries.”
• From Tribeca Trib: “Charge your cell on Greenwich st. side of Citigroup bldg.” (Not sure if that’s still around.)
• 60 Hudson, West Broadway entrance

••• “City has a water station set up today until 5 p.m. at Canal Street and Centre Street.” —Tribeca Trib


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  1. GEORGE’S RESTAURANT (89 Greenwich at Rector) and MASTERPIECE PIZZA (2 Rector on Greenwich) are back in business and open as of today/Friday. Phone lines are still down, but delivery from both is available through