Seen & Heard: Free Waffles Today

••• I couldn’t run a Where in Tribeca…? post this morning because I didn’t have any prepped before I left town. Which brings up an important question: Has anyone seen Jim Smithers?

••• The Wafels & Dinges truck will be giving away food at City Hall Park from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. And from the Coolhaus ice-cream-sandwich truck: “Today we’re at WFC (Vesey/N End) 11-3.”

••• From Tribeca Greenmarket: “Tribeca market will be OPEN this Saturday, regular hours, only NO Food Scrap Collection or Textile Recycling. More details on the GrowNYC blog. Everyone will be there except Blue Moon Fish, Lebak Farms, and R&R produce.”

••• Distilled NY—coming to the old Centrico space—has a website and is evidently booking events.

••• No New Amsterdam Market this Sunday—but they seem to be organizing a volunteer effort. More to come….

••• From Julie Menin (working with JCP and Chabad of Tribeca): “We have over 150 volunteers meeting at 10 AM at 505 LaGuardia Place. Each volunteer will bring a backpack with water, non-perishable food, and AA batteries, and some will have cars. Many have emailed me that they would like to volunteer, but cannot make it at 10 AM. We will be doing volunteer operations all day, fanning out to buildings across Lower Manhattan, but we will be based at 505 LaGuardia Place.”

••• From a parent of a student at the Park Preschol on Warren: “The school website has a notice posted on it that their basement (which includes two classrooms, a play area, and admin offices) had ‘extensive flooding.'”

••• From the Palm Tribeca: “Due to damage caused by the storm, The Palm Tribeca remains closed for lunch and dinner. We are working to reopen within the next few weeks.”

••• From Community Board 1: “CB1 Revised Schedule for Next Week: Monday, Nov 5. Executive Committee, Committee Chairs invited, Board Members welcome. 6:00 PM, 49 Chambers St. Assessing the status of Lower Manhattan post-Hurricane Sandy.”

••• A question from reader JD: “For those of us staying in relatively unaffected areas, is there anything people need that we can bring when we return? Stores around me are fully stocked and getting deliveries.”


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  1. Jim Smithers was last seen trying to keep warm by bathing in his own urine…despite this being prior to him losing power. Thank heavens the battery park shake shack was more heavily fortified than the 14th street substation! And thank god that TriBeCa parents used this disaster to teach their children what is truly important – that rescheduling Halloween and its redistribution of candy wealth throughout the neighbor was far more important than the lives that were lost or the people in the outer boroughs that are still really suffering. Thanks to all of the local businesses that stayed open to help the neighborhood remain in good “spirits.” Dear Lord, please restore the power soon so I can stop having to be so uncharacteristically generous, neighborly and chatty. Which bars are still open?!