The Calm After the Storm

When I got back into the city yesterday, I went for a walk around Tribeca—and I as amazed how normal it all looked. (The damage at this point being inside and below ground.) If you didn’t see a discreet leftover waterline, a dripping car being towed up from a parking garage, or the “restricted use” stickers on riverside buildings, you might not know anything significant had happened. So Marisa McGrody’s photos arrived as a shock: Taken the day after Sandy hit, they have an air of fresh violence about them.

P.S. The chair in the second photo below was sitting in the West Street median.

About the photographer: Marisa McGrody is a photographer, actor, teacher at TriBeCa Community School, and a resident of Tribeca. She has shot for the Tribeca Film Festival, Norma Knows New York City, TriBeCa Community School, Time Out New York, Soho House, and countless children’s birthday parties.

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  1. Great photos Marisa!, here is one I took from Laight Street: