Pop-Up: ZONA

New Yorkers of a certain age—and a certain taste level—will remember ZONA, the home boutique that was in Soho (with outposts in Tokyo, Florence, Aspen, and East Hampton) from 1980 to 2000. The shop is coming back this holiday season as a pop-up at Cheryl Hazan Gallery (35 N. Moore); it opens Dec. 12-13 for private clients and Dec. 14 for the rest of us (11 a.m.–8 p.m. daily), closing Jan. 6. This is especially good news for those people—like me—always going on about how nice it would be if there were more options for great gifts around here.

ZONA co-founder and creative director Franci Sagar, who has been consulting on museum retailing, is behind the pop-up, along with her daughter Sophie Sagar and Philippa Crown. From the release: “While the new ZONA will present beloved signature elements—Italian marble fruit, exotic fragrances, scented candles and home furnishings—[it] will also feature jewelry and apparel, textiles, talismans and tokens of appreciation.” Pictured above: Parveen scissors, hand-forged in India ($12-$25); Cartiera F. Amatruda papers, made by hand on the Amalfi Coast ($12-$25); and Alyson Baker’s hand-felted rocks ($32).

Moreover, Cheryl Hazan and Franci Sagar have jointly curated art for the duration of the pop-up.

Photo by John Bigelow Taylor Photography.



  1. Zona was such a lovely shop on Broome Street.
    They have been missed.
    What a nice surprise
    I wonder if they’ll sell those great BELLS!!!!
    I must have given a dozen of those bells as wedding gifts in the 80’s!!!
    Can’t wait to make a visit

  2. I am thrilled that a dear old friend of mine, Franci, is living her dream and to have her daughter by her side in this new reincarnation, what could be better! And love the fruit image – mother and daughter- carry on……

  3. My coyote from Zona sits by my fireplace. I miss stopping in to the store a few times a week.