In the News: Verizon’s Data Center Damage

••• Meryl Streep can’t move back into the River Lofts yet. —New York Daily News

••• “Brownies Raise Funds for Flood Ravaged Community Center.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Curbed‘s Zone A buildings guide includes updates on 100 Maiden Lane, 95 Wall, and 90 Washington.

••• The Wall Street Journal recaps how certain buildings got hit hard below ground.

••• “A new documentary, 16 Acres—it premiered at the Zurich Film Festival, and is showing through Thursday at New York’s Quad Cinemas—explores the story behind well-publicized delays at the World Trade Center site.” Have a coffee first. —The Real Deal

••• “Verizon’s Broad Street central office, which routes local phone, DSL, and FiOS data, resembles a military field base. Walls of sandbags remain around the building, and the constant hum of generators and pumps bounces down the streets. The lobby of the building is covered in plywood to protect any decorations it may have, and the entrance has become a type of checkpoint lit by a string of incandescent bulbs. On Wednesday, two weeks after the storm, I met with Verizon’s Executive Director of Operations, Christopher D. Levendos, who showed me the extent of the damage and repairs. Levendos tells me the 90,000 cubic foot cable vault has suffered a ‘catastrophic failure,’ far worse than the damage done to a similar, but much larger vault at Verizon’s West Street headquarters near the World Trade Center.” The photo is (presumably) by writer Dante D’Orazio, and it’s one of many fascinating ones. —The Verge



  1. Great idea. Let’s place vital cables in the basement in a flood zone. What can go wrong?

    Steven Greer

  2. since Verizon is not repairing the copper cables and trying to switch everyone to FIOS you have to question their tactic.

    If you want to switch your cable tv with phone and internet, they can install within a day or two. if you only want to swtich phone and net they you have to wait 4-6 weeks for an appointment. much easier to just switch your landline and internet to TWC or RCN