Pop-Up: Best Made Company

Best Made Company has come a long way since I wrote about it in April of 2010: The company has expanded far beyond axes, into clothing, packs, even maple syrup. Today, it’s opening a pop-up shop at 36 White, selling its own merch as well as some other companies’. The shop will be around till; Dec. 24, at which point the space—formerly home to an art-crating company (can’t recall the name)—will be converted into Best Made’s new headquarters, with retail sales once again exclusively online. The hours are noon to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.



  1. I had no idea that there is a genre of pop-up stores. It’s a sign of the times with empty real estate.

    In Battery Park we just have shut down storefronts and the owners are not smart enough t lease them to a pop-up

    Steven Greer

  2. How cool that we have an axe manufacturer in Tribeca! Eric, I followed your blog from Turks and Caicos, but love it even more now that I live down here. We are so checking out this pop up!

  3. Enormous jug of maple syrup? Yes, please.

  4. Took an out of town friend to the Best Made pop up on Wednesday – he bought a beautifully crafted axe “to go.” I hope no one was alarmed when they saw him walking the streets of Tribeca with it. Said friend and axe have since departed.