Seen & Heard: Il Mattone Is Not Reopening in the Same Spot

••• From a reader: “What’s going on with Il Mattone? It hasn’t been open since Sandy hit. I know that the owners live on Staten Island.” Anyone know anything? (Um, I just realized I could try calling… The outgoing voicemail message said that the restaurant is indeed closed due to Sandy and will reopen “in a new location.”)

••• I emailed White & Church a couple of days ago and never heard back…. Has it closed? The voicemail still works, so I left a message (although I called at a time when it should be open….)

••• From the PS/IS 276 (Battery Park City School) PTA: “Our Overcrowding Committee has launched an online petition that asks Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott to limit the number of kindergarten students that will be admitted for the 2013-2014 school year to three classes (a maximum of 25 students in each class for a total of 75 students) in order to save our highly regarded science, music, art, and Pre-K programs.”

••• Mondo Cane is having a “garage sale” with avant-garde design magazine Apartamento on Thursday.

••• The New York Academy of Art’s “Deck the Walls” event is on Dec. 7.



  1. Is Bread Tribeca moving to the former il Mattone space?

  2. @Rick: Well, they’re partnering somehow, but it’s not exactly clear what the details are.

    If anyone knows….