Seen & Heard: New Bar on Murray

••• Tribeca Canvas (right) got its liquor license (via @BenLeventhal, who said the restaurant called him to update him on his reservation). UPDATE: See comment (and yes, alcohol would add to the experience).

••• Want to be on the community board? Information sessions [PDF] are coming up.

••• Biddy Early’s at 43 Murray appears to be in flux: The updated December agenda for Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee shows a liquor-license application for something at that address called London 41. Then again, with a name like that, maybe it’s at 43 41 Murray, where Eamonn’s is? Either way, we’ll find out next week. (P.S. There’s a hotel in London called 41. A relationship seems unlikely but stranger things have happened….) UPDATE: Thanks to the reader who pointed out that Biddy Early’s doesn’t exist and that Woodrow’s is at 43 Murray. I’m a bozo! I Googled “43 Murray” and Biddy Early’s came up, and to be honest, I never patronized it so I forgot that it no longer existed. As for Eamonn’s, says my source, “The bar has been in bankruptcy and the space went to auction on 16 November though I don’t know the result.” We’ll know all next week….

••• The Palm Tribeca is taking lunch delivery orders on Seamless.

••• The folks at Liberty View Ice now say the rink will open tomorrow or Friday.

••• @MMDevoe tweeted over a photo of the façade of the new Pace dorm (and site of a Drybar) at 180 Broadway.



  1. Liquor license or no? Mr. Eater seemed to Tweet again:

    Re the last, second call rec’d to say that first call was a false alarm. #dryingoftribecacanvas

    Although the menu looks great, everything seems like it would go better with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

  2. Rumor in the ‘hood is that the space on Murray is being opened by the owner of Mudville 9 (whose daughter’s name is London…)